Saturday, October 15, 2005


No sooner did I hit "publish" then the phone rang. It was Animal Control, telling me that Baby is sick with kennel cough (not a big deal), can't be neutered because of his age (adding up to a big deal) and has cataracts (adding up to no deal). I am beside myself, mainly because my kids had their hopes up. The dog will be fine - the person who called me with the news told me that a Rescue Organization wants to take him. But this is too crazy. Too much. How can the news be bad every single time? Do we ever get a break?



Susan said...

Why can't you have him? Can you have him?
I grew up with two non neutered male mutt terriers,
they were friendly and didn't stray, not aggressive at all. This dog will not be off leash, so is this a reason not to take him? Can they let you have him? Or do they have to give him to a "rescue" organization.
I would say your family is a rescue organization too!

Anonymous said...

A nice couple came in to adopt him, actually, so I got the "rescue organization" thing wrong. Trouble is they left because they were told that we were adopting him. That said, they were told that our adoption was not a sure thing and to call again tomorrow. He is the sweetest loveliest dog, but we can't have another sick dog on our hands. Sure, any dog can get sick. But this one already has some known issues.

In NYC, dogs get their exercise off leash in dog runs. It could be disasterous if he's humping every female dog he sees...And if he goes blind while my kids are still young, we won't be able to have any playdates over at our house without locking him up.

It just isn't a good fit.

We did meet a sweet, stray beagle-bassett mix today, age 1 and a half. We are going back tomorrow to check to see if he is still available (by the time we went downstairs to see about adopting him, adopting-time was over...)



Susan said...

A mix is a good bet, and younger is better with young kids. Less testy. More years left to love.
Hope he works out...
Hope you had a lovely holiday! Been missing you on the

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you tell me about the BB mix? Sounds cute. Girl or boy?


Anonymous said...

boy! exhuberent (Spelling?!)


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