Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Mari C by my fingertips! In class!

Well, it finally happened. I actually bound Mari C on my BAD SIDE (the first side), by my fingertips hooking together, in CLASS today, on my FIRST TRY...

Backing up a bit, I didn't end up taking a led class yesterday. I ended up going down to Shala X for the late Mysore session. I was the ONLY person there until a half an hour into the session. Since it was evening, it was one of the most awesomely bendy practices I have ever had. I felt like a human rubber band, and I bound Mari C on both sides with my fingers....Mademoiselle helped me get deeper. She expressed glee, as did I!

I asked her if I was crazy to plan on being back in the morning, and she said, "If that's what your schedule is requiring then, no." Well, given that the delightful Lewis the Beagle does not let me leave his side, and that if I have to leave the apartment, he cries bitter doggie tears (and if you have ever been around a beagle or a bassett hound, you will know that they are VERY expressive with their vocalizations...often sounding almost human...which is one of the reasons I have been obsessively looking for one to call my own...I just find that delightful). I knhow that this will pass. But for now, my time is not exactly my own.

In any event, I didn't think I would be able to get up and lather, rinse, repeat all over again, but at 9:15, after taking Lewis out for (1) his morning walk and (2) a gratuitous walk to school with my boys, I finally hopped in my car and high tailed it down to Shala X, where I had 45 minutes to get to Mari C, which is EXACTLY enough time. EXACTLY. To the nanosecond.

I didn't feel even one moment of soreness or fatigue. I simply practiced. I found that my vinyasas are getting stronger, along with my asanas, ever since I have been "held" at Mari C. Today, my legs flew through my hands a couple of times in jump-throughs...WITHOUT sliding on the floor. But I am not sure exactly how I did it, although I did notice that my best jump-throughs happen when my down dogs are really long-bodied.

Have to run. I am using the world's lamest laptop at the moment, but at least I am plugged in again.

Don't forget about Saturday's Yoga For Hope to benefit "Operation Shanti", at Yoga Sutra. And for that matter, I would LOVE to see some of you at my Thursday 10:00 A.M. vinyasa class at Yoga Sutra one of these days...if anyone reading this practices vinyasa. I try to adhere to the basic structure of an Ashtanga class. But it is vinyasa, nevertheless. I DO play some really cool tunes though...

Catcha later...


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