Monday, October 31, 2005

Lessons from First Grade

I'm sitting here with Adam, helping him get his homework done before we begin our night of trick-or-treating (Brian's teacher, mercifully, did not give out homework today...), and it occurs to me that there are some good lessons to be learned in first grade...lessons that resonate for the duration of your life. Among them:

  1. Finish what you start before you start something else.
  2. Put away your toys when you're done playing with them.
  3. Don't rush.
  4. Give yourself enough space.
  5. Too much junk food makes you feel not so good.
  6. Not enough sleep makes you feel cranky.
  7. Don't tease.
  8. Corollary to Rule Number 7: Don't tease the dog.
  9. Be nice to your friends.
  10. Listen to your mom.


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