Thursday, October 27, 2005

Life is good

Here are some really nice things that are adding up to make me feel really happy today...

1. After I taught my 10 a.m. vinyasa class, I took Erika Hildebrandt's 1/2 primary led class, and I felt great. I really enjoyed the "discipline" of having to get into the poses without procrastination.

2. I bought Lewis a "Gentle Lead" "head collar", which helps him to heel better. My biceps and back muscles were getting way too much of a workout from having to pulling back using a simple choke collar. Lewis the Beagle is a WAY exhuberant puppy, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE him. But dude needs to heel. And the Gentle Lead works like a charm...whenever Lewis pulls, it causes him to HAVE to turn back and look at me, which stops him in his tracks. After about 10 minutes, he got the message that pulling is just not worth the trouble.

3. My house is nice and quiet for the next two nights....the Husband is on a business trip, and the quiet and "being my own boss" thing are really really delicious. DELICIOUS, I tell you!!!

4. I got word that I am teaching another class at the Lab School - this one on Mondays at 1:10. It is a PERFECT time...doesn't interfere with my practice. I love Bent on Learning....such a great organization.

5. I ran into a former student of mine from New York Yoga, who was relieved to see me...she didn't know where I had been and wanted to know where she could find me. Hopefully I will see her at Yoga Sutra one of these days. Always nice to know that you are missed...

6. My 10:00 a.m. vinyasa class at Yoga Sutra was really really nice today. My new friend Cynthia came, as well as two others I have taught before. The music was delightful, as I went back to using my iPod again (I don't know why I ever stopped, makes a huge difference in the whole vibe of the class).

7. Ran into a teacher from New York Yoga whom I had not seen in months...April P....a delightful person and a fabulous teacher. I used to teach a class right after her, so we always used to see each other on Fridays. We were both on the 6 train in the same was a crowded train, but we eventually saw each other, just as she was getting off...five minutes later, my phone was April with news..she is getting married this weekend!!!! Mazel Tov April!!!! I love stuff like that.

8. My sister-in-law, a/k/a Aunt Jill got her old job back!! GO JILL! You know how awful it is when you leave a good job only to end up at a place that doesn't feel quite right? Well, how awesome it is when you can get the old job back....:)

9. My new Dyson vaccuum cleaner is the most AMAZING vaccuum cleaner I have ever seen. It is pulling up dust that must have been lingering in my apartment for the past four years...and it still keeps on pulling up more dust. It is unfortunate that these amazing machines are so expensive ($500 plus), but I wish for all of you that you can have one.

10. I feel healthy finally...after a week of a bad cold and a hoarse voice (NOT sexy...just annoying to me!).

11. My dad is feeling healthy...lung cancer remission...almost an oxymoron, but not quite. Thank god for the not quite.

12. My kids are the yummiest human beings I have ever known, and I am going to pick them up now from their after school activities.

Has Yoga Chickie gone soft? I don't thinks so...I'm just feeling all good inside today!



Vanessa G. said...

Glad you're doing well and feeling good... mom told me that you'd made the distinction between me and the rather deep and profound other Vanessa who posts on your blog.

Anyhow, here I am, Yoga Chickie's sister, Vanessa.

Susan said...

I am actually finding my hoarse voice a bit sexy..
And my singing has much improved!

Glad you are having a great day!

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