Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wish me luck

I am giving Lewis the Beagle a bath. He is finally done with healing from his surgery (neutering...shhhhhh....he's very sensitive about it), and now I get to see how bright and white his lovely fur really is.

THEN I am going to do a late afternoon practice.

It has been quite a busy week, much of it devoted to the annoying and arduous job of configuring this new computer (I want those hours back!!!!) and keeping Lewis from developing some bad habits in my house. Also, with the new dog, I have had this incredible nesting instinct, so I have been doing a lot of shopping for housewares...bought a brand new toaster, a new set of glasses at Fishs Eddy (cool store!!), a new set of cereal bowls, also at Fishs Eddy and a brand new Dyson "Animal" vaccuum cleaner for all that lovely beagle fur that seems to be piling up everywere Lewis sits.

Mostly, I am just craving a return to normalcy in my house, and I need to give myself a break for missing a few practices at Shala X (I am still practicing at home, but I do feel like I am missing something important when I don't show up at the shala) while I am training a new dog (he is housebroken and trained, but he needs those teachings reinforced in my my house, especially now that he is growing comfortable here) and getting used to my fall teaching schedule.

Anyway, I have three little boys (two sons and a playdate) and a smelly beagle/bassett to contend with, so I must go. Time to bathe the pup.



Anonymous said...

Let me know how that Dyson works, I have always wondered if they are worth the money.

yoga chickie said...

It is AWESOME. And I mean that literally. My kids and I were in AWE of how much dirt and dust that thing pulled out of our home. It was actually borderline frightening. I say go for was definitely worth the money, especially with kids (and if you have pets, then it's a no brainer).

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren,

How'd the bath go? I haven't been around much, work has really heated up for me. I hoping to make it to class tonight - except whenever I say that, I don't make it.

See you tonight.

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