Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tzippy & Ric

The gorgeous tangerine-colored cashmere sweater I am wearing in this photo was designed by the fabulous brand new designing team, "Tzippy & Ric"...(the skirt is Blue Cult, another Yoga Chickie fave, along with True Religion, Hudson and Citizens).

Tzippy (Wendy) and Ric (Erica) are friends of mine from the nursery school days of our now-9-year-olds. "Ric" is a former editor-in-chief of a fashion mag and "Tzippy" used to manufacture clothes for...none other than...J Lo. With their kids in school all day, what were they to do?

Why, start their own line, of course.

I think I have a pretty good eye for fashion (if I do say so myself, or as Carrie Bradshaw would say, and I am paraphrasing, Ashtanga I may not know, but fashion...that I know), and am predicting that T & R is going to be big. BIG big. Can't wait to see it in Bendels!

And I can honestly say, I wore it first.



liz said...

I miss the fashion of NYC. All we wear here in So Cal are yoga pants or jeans, and flip flops. We are definitely lacking on the fashion... sad. Well maybe for me it has to do with how much everything costs here in SoCal, and I thought NYC was expensive!

Anonymous said...

Did Brian take the picture on his new camera?

yoga chickie said...

Liz - NYC is expensive! But fashion is always available on discount at, and you always have 90 days to return for a full refund if you don't like what you bought. I LOVE Bluefly.

And, "anon" - yes, mom. He is quite the talented little photog.

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