Friday, March 03, 2006

On my own, more or less

Last practice of the week**, and it went perfectly nicely. I really think that cutting out coffee has made a huge difference. I got exactly NO assists from T until Janu A, and then no assists after. She watched me get into C and D myself and gave a little cheer. Full twist from base of spine...check! Binding on both sides...check! Breathing long and smooth...check! No drama. Even managed to catch some air in my Lolasanas between Navasanas. 18 backbends. Nice long closing sequence.

Followed up my delicious practice with spelt pancakes, grilled bananas, sliced strawberries and apple straws at Caravan of Dreams. Also ordered a rice milk chai latte but took one taste of it and....BLECH!!!!! I am sticking with soy from now on.

**UNLESS I manage to squeeze in a session with Manju, who is at Shala X this weekend. Tonight is led Primary. Tomorrow is exploration of Primary and some Second. Sunday is Mysore. Madam told me that Manju moves people along much faster than Sir and that I could very well end up practicing some postures I don't yet practice with Sir. I asked if Sir would be offended. She said not a problem at all, just go back to my regular practice on Monday with Sir. Sounds VERY intriguing....but tonight is kind of tough, since The Husband's 98 year old grandmother passed away this week, and I was planning on giving her name at synagogue tonight for mourner's prayers...If the Husband gets home early enough, he could potentially take the kids to synagogue and offer his grandma's name, in which case I could go to led...the downside being that I already practiced today. Tomorrow we have a Tae Kwon Do Exhibition that is going to last all day, so that's out. And then's possible, but in any event, that already counts as NEXT as I said, today was [probably] my last practice of the week...and if you actually read all that....WOW.



jody said...

you dont think the husband would get PO's if you put yoga before family in this situation?

yoga chickie said...

Actually, I just got off the phone with him and he asked me really nicely to forgo it this time - so much time and money has been spent by me on my "downtown yoga" blah blah blah...I figure I can accomodate him, hopefully generating some goodwill toward SKPJ's tour...


Kathy said...

On the "downtown yoga" subject, I can identify with your feelings here. I know how great it feels to be practicing every day, I love going to classes and leave feeling buoyant and ready to face anything. But sometimes on my way to make it to class I would find myself rushing through the girls breakfast, not brushing the little one's hair, hurrying, hurrying. And then being angry that my husband got stuck at a job and I couldn't go to my favorite night class.

I had to take a step back. When they are a bit older and don't need my being with them as much, I'll be freer with my time. I too quit my higher stress full time job, coming home at 6 with an infant, picking up the older one at the baby sitter, starting dinner, doing homework, trying to maintain a house and a marriage....

Now I work part time and STILL don't have time for everything, but maybe because I've allowed more things into my life, like yoga and book clubs, swimming and photography.

Sorry to be long winded, but look back at what you've said here. Your husband's grandmother passed away and you need to take time to be with the family and celebrate her life, not make points for being allowed to go to classes.

I understand the pull of doing something so wonderful, but please take some time to put it into perspective. Sorry if I pissed you off.

yoga chickie said...

Not at all! Thanks for your thoughts. Perspective is so was ridiculous of me to think of going to a led class last night! But still a girl can dream...


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