Thursday, March 02, 2006

Look familiar?

Anyone who watches Will and Grace will know the building at left from the exterior shot of Grace's workplace.

To others who read this blog, the building pictured at left has a far more personal significance.

Puck-er up, New York, the time to kiss the great one's feet is almost upon us....


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applegirl said...

It's the Puck Building! I just wanted to drop a line and say this is an awesome site!

Thanks for posting great material on yoga and letting everyone catch a glimpse of your life...

You seem like the typical New Yorker (like me!) and I was wondering how you fit yoga in your schedule... I have school and work to deal with so it's hard to fit in classes, mediation, etc. But I am really interested in yoga still.

I have been reading about Yoga mp3 downloads from sites like omstream, iamplify (I bought some stuff that I liked), etc..

What do you think of the whole mp3 downloads?

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