Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Personal Moon Day

Since I didn't take a moon day last week, I am taking one today. Addy is home sick. I am feeling achy. And I mean really really achy. Last night, did a demonstration a couple of backbending deepeners - one with blocks under the hands, one with a folding chair under the feet (in each case, at the wall for safety). That latter one was awesome - absolute backbending nirvana. It kind of mimics handstand-scorpion (vrichikasana) and it allows the hands to be right under the shoulders (the feet are pretty far up off the ground). But I'm all spent today. Teaching takes a lot out of me. How do teachers who teach 10 or more classes a week DO it?

Sitting on the sofa, curled up with Lewis. Addy is resting in the playroom. Watching some cheesy Bette Midler movie. Yawning. Achy. Kind of nauseous. Definitely a down day.

How am I going to get up at 5 a.m. on Sunday? How???

And another question: Why do I have NO trouble jumping my legs straight through when I am home but I can NEVER do this at the shala? And that reminds me of another question: Why is Lolasana (pressing up with knees bent and feet crossed) easy for me outside the context of my practice but so challenging in between Navasanas and as an entrance to jumping back?


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Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren,

Feel better!


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