Sunday, March 19, 2006

The state of the yuj on March 17, 2006

Or, at least the state of my backbend.

So, after khai (18) backbends a day for a week or two, give or take, this is where I am at right now. It is definitely better than it's been, but hopefully not as good as it gets.

Any suggestions?


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Anonymous said...

Since you asked.....If you put your hands on blocks against the wall I think you would get a lot more extension in your arms. You can also have your husband stand behind you and you grab his ankles and you could teach him to gently pull your scapula toward him.
Also when you are at home try to backbend against a wall and push your chest into the wall.
Your feet look like they are fanning out a bit so work on that "inner spiral" of the legs which will give you much more strength in the backbend esp. in the legs which you need to be able to stand up. If you want more tricks e mail me privately.


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