Thursday, March 09, 2006


Today I got a new pose: Konkasana.

"That's third series!" Madame called out as I rubbed my forehead and laughed.

So, I clonked my noggin. But then, who hasn't done so at least once or twice upon coming up from bhujapidasana and stretching the legs back into bakasana?

Sir let me try it twice on my own and then he finally held me up so that neither my humungous candy apple head nor my big fat butt would come crashing down, like the heavy end of a see-saw (, I don't really have a candy apple head or a big fat butt, but when trying to balance on my hands while see-sawing up and down, as Bhuja requires, it just feels that way...) At least I immediately got the hang of taking my legs through, forward and back, without touching the ground. Turns out that's not the hard part for me. The hard part is the gear-shift right after that...where you STOP extending your butt backwards and start centering your weight over your hands, slightly shifting forward in order to balance while you bakasana out of the pose.

Here I was thinking Bhuja was an arm balance, when in fact, it is really quite dynamic, not to mention the first no-bones-about-it, engage-your-bhandas-and-don't-let-go exploration in the Primary Series.

Anyway, it's terribly fun. Good times. Lots of laughs.

After class, hung for a few minutes with the a couple of shala mates: the improbably young looking mom of three grown kids and Shala X's current resident celebrity. Sir was there too, and we were talking about the things our moms imbibed and inhaled while pregnant with us. Then Sir and I got into a discussion of Ayurveda. See, it turns out that many Ashtangis are quite fond of coffee, Guruji included. No, Guruji, especially. So, what's the deal with my no-coffee epiphany? Well, every body is different. And apparently, it seems that my body is so "hot" (as in "pitta" hot, not as in "hottie" hot), that the coffee blows the ceiling off. I also have a bit of Vata in me, apparently. But what I have almost nothing of is Kapha. Did you know that predominant Kapha is the most healthy way to be? That Kaphas live longer? Who knew?



Sergio said...

Do you know an easy way to get to know my dosha(s)? I remember trying to do a test some months ago but it wasn't very clear and I ended up rather confused.

I've always tried to keep away from coffee and black tea because of the caffeine in them. I'm progressively changing my mind and admitting that perhaps I do need that little energy infusion in the mornings if I want to feel more motivated and less fatigued (mentally and physically)

Anonymous said...

"Shala X's current resident celebrity."

yoga chickie said...

I'll never tell....

Vanessa said...

I took an Ayurvedic massage course last summer in Mysore and the teacher talked extensively about the doshas. From what I remember, my bet would be that you are predominantly Vata with some Pitta. But what do I know. I could look at my notes, though, if you are interested.

yoga chickie said...

If you don't mind, that would be great.


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