Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Dear Zometa,

Well, hello, you. I could try to avoid discussing the fact that you TKO'd me last night, leaving me to pass out on my sofa, fully clothed, but that would be like ignoring the big pink elephant in the room. So, let's just say that I acknowledge your supreme powerful powerfullness. I'll admit it, yes, I do need you, Zometa. But I only need you in my bones, and I only need you while you're still active. What I don't need is the product of your inevitable break-down litering my body. I certainly don't need that garbage settling in my kidneys or taxing my liver. My body is not your personal land-fill, Zometa. So, do your work and then take your detritus elsewhere. And just so you know, I plan to help you along with that process. Like, take this morning for example. I practiced this morning, and I practiced hard. I stayed in every twisting pose for at least eight breaths, and I sweat bullets, hopefully speeding up the detoxification process. I thought I might need the heat of a Bikram class, but it's beginning to look like Ashtanga will work just fine.

So, don't plan on any long-term stay, Zometa. You'll do your work here, and then you'll be shown the pores, um, I mean the door.


Yoga Chickie

P.S. [deleted. sigh]


Sergio said...

I really wish this second time with Zometa turns out better than your previous experience (I've read that most side effects happen on the first take - hope this helps).

yoga chickie said...

To Jim - I got your comment, but for some reason it did not publish. I just wanted to let you know that I heard you. I don't actually specify which shala I practice at, despite that it may be obvious to those who read this who recognize me from Shala X or who don't see me at the other three Shalas in NYC. And anyone who is practicing ashtanga in NYC who reads my blog is unlikely to come to my shala for the purpose of celebrity gawking. And if they did, and they bought a monthly pass, then I would be happy for my teacher.


j said...

theres nothing wrong with mentioning that a celebrity practices at your shala. It is NYc afterall.Eddie's is full of them. However you practically identified the celebrity in question--i know exactly who she is from your silly NYC post "page 6" like description. And I also can pretty much guess where you practice. Thats not hard to figure out either.
I just thought it was in poor taste and thought perhaps you didnt realize it.

It's obvious that you are a little pop culture obsessed--from Lindsay(who cares) lohan to television drama op-eds. And thats okay, but i much rather enjoy the postings about your struggles in your practice and I bet most people here do to.

just some thoughts. please dont take offense.


yoga chickie said...

Jim, you make some good points. I deleted the blind item, which now seems, as you put it, silly, and, I shudder to admit it, possibly in poor taste.

But I want you to know, I am totally fine with being interested in pop-culture. I can't spend all my time engaged in higher endeavors, and there are people out there who find my ashtanga posts to be as dry as dust (hi mom).


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