Monday, June 16, 2008

Weird, non-Ashtanga Ashtanga practice

Met S in the city for a home practice. Easier to do a home practice in someone else's home, especially when that home is a condo with a gym and yoga room in the building. Halfway through standing series, I found myself dreading the tedium of my ridiculously (but usually gloriously) long practice, and so, S, contributing to the delinquency of an ashtangini, suggested that I do Second. As in skip Primary and go straight to Second. I am not sure if it was her idea or mine, but it quickly became clear that I was going to do ALL of Second.

And, so I did.

But I also added in the Marichyasanas after Ardha Matsyandrasana (my new yummy pose) because I really really really felt at loose ends about practicing Pasasana "cold" with no Marichyasanas to get me ready. And so I backtracked to Mari A and went through to Supta Kurmasana before hitting Eka Pada.

S was flabbergasted when she came back to the room after picking up her son an I still hadn't done Eka Pada. I explained that I really, really wanted her to see my Eka Pada. Then I went straight through to the Seven Headstands, although I forgot one - the one where the forearms are on the floor. S helped me with the first half of Karandavasana. Then I just sank to the ground. I had no desire to even attempt it. Plus, I feared that S would get a hernia - she just had a baby less than a year ago, after all.

Tomorrow, I go to the CT Shala, having spoken to Val and having cleared my practicing my entire practice (ONLY up to Eka Pada) with her. I won't be able to see the Good Doc at New York Yoga until my kids leave for camp, although I am going to try to work out some mid-morning semi-privates. But until then, it's piecemeal. And I will be the only constant, so I better up the discipline, by which I mean, the discipline to do my practice and not MORE than my practice. And the discipline to do my practice in under two hours an before noon.

I should be able to do that. Right? RIGHT?


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