Sunday, June 01, 2008

I have some AMAZING news

If you are interested in seeing Christopher and practicing with him on Monday, June 2, please email me. He will be in NYC and teaching a Mysore session in a private home of one of our fellow students, and I have been given permission to pass along the news.

Ashtangi - that was one of the greatest comments I have ever gotten. I love the fact that we are moving past the issues.

Not to sound too maudlin, but today is one of those rare and awesome (literally, awe-some) days where I feel as if the universe really provides: I had mislaid my keyring, with my car keys (I do have one spare) and house keys (I don't really need house keys because my garage doors come with a remote and a combination key pad, as does my front gate), and this has been gnawing at me since yesterday, leaving me feeling out-of-control and lost and a bit pathetic. Today, I decided that I was going to sit down and really THINK about what I might have done with them on Friday, which was the last day I remember having had them in my hand (I used the spare all day yesterday, and given my propensity to lose things, using my last spare is NOT a safe or wise thing to be doing). But first, I had to procrastinate. So, procrastinate, I did.

First, I cleaned out and vacuumed my car. I figured that perhaps the key ring had fallen in between seats, and what better way to kill two birds with one stone than to clean the car as I searched. Unfortunately, as I suspected, no luck.
See, I knew that randomly searching wasn't going to produce my keyring. If I was going to find my keys, I was going to have to sit down calmly, literally, sit down, and mentally walk through my day on Friday, at least from the time I came home from the city.

But that seemed terribly daunting. Sitting. Thinking. Action always beckons when sitting and thinking are called for, and so it was that I found myself dragging out of my garage a 15-foot length of four-foot tall plastic fencing and a bunch of wooden stakes. Instead of sitting and thinking, I created my second compost pile (I really, really need compost because my planned Woodland Garden has almost NO healthy, organically infused soil - it's all clay. I could build a statue with that soil, but I don't think I can successfully grow shrubs and perennials; mixing in fresh compost ought to rectify the situation). Then I filled it about a third full with leaves and grass clippings.

Afterwards, I stood back and admired how cleaned-up the planned woodland garden area is looking and metaphorically patted myself on the back for re-using natural resources in order to green up my property. Planting equals carbon-absorption, you know. And beauty is always a good thing to behold.

I was so chuffed that I decided that I would go have a lazy nap in the hammock by the the brook. And if that led to some "sitting and thinking" about where I might have laid my keys, then all the better, I figured. As I climbed into the hammock, I heard a familiar metallic jingling.

My keys.

Aha. On Friday, when I drove in, I was on the phone with my friend, S, and I decided to finish the phone call in the hammock. Apparently, my keys did not make it out of the hammock and spent the weekend relaxing there. Lucky keys.

Thank you universe for helping me find my keys.



Anonymous said...

Thanks L.
You earned it!

But I am confused here. Doesn't christopher own and teach at yoga sutra? Why is he teaching at someones house and not that amazing looking studio space?


skelly said...

Ha ha I love the fact your front gate has a keypad, mine has rust and a hinge missing

Yoga Chickie said...

If you look at the YS website, you will see that Chris is now off the website. You'd have to ask David, or even Christopher, to get the firsthand story of why that is. In any event, I am just happy that he is going to be in the city tomorrow!

Ashtangi said...

There seem to be two of me. Lauren, just dropping in to clear up some confusion - this is the first time I've visited your blog in probably 8 months or more. That other ashtangi, isn't me. But thanks for being nice lately and I appreciate the spirit. :)


Ashtangi said...

And, you can tell it's me because when I'm at work I show up as being from Columbus, OH. Just saying. Bye now. You can safely assume "ashtangi" is the other person from now on.


Yoga Chickie said...

Wow, looks like one Ashtangi was kind of impersonating the other. There was even a reference to me being disincluded from the group blog and a "sorry" about it. Weird. Why would someone pretend to be Katie?

Katie - I don't read my stats anymore, so I have no idea where any comments, or any readers, for that matter, are coming from.

Ashtangi said...

This is Katie again, drawn here from your comment on Linda's blog. And I'd have to say that I really don't know why someone would want to impersonate me being nice to you - it's certainly weird.

But since any plot of that nature would seem designed to mess with both your and my heads, I'm going to ignore it on principle, & hope you do too. No need to revisit the whole fiasco, and no lingering hard feelings in person, but I'm going to continue to practice blog avoidance with you & hope you understand.

Best of luck and please let the other ashtangi know I'm appalled by her/his lack of apostrophes. :)

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