Friday, June 27, 2008

Broken Foot* ( *Toe)

Is it a rite of passage in Ashtanga to break a foot (or a toe) jumping through?

If so, I am a woman now.

Yes, yesterday, I caught my pinky toe on the sticky, tacky rubberized eco-Manduka. Damn eco-friendly rubber. It was all well and good until I laid a beach towel over the damn thing to roll around in Garba Pindasana, and then moved the towel off the mat for Setu Bandasana. When I jumped through, I was expecting the mat to be as slippery as it was before. Well, damn, if rubber doesn't wipe up fast. It was as dry as dust, and as sticky as, well, as rubber can be. And it caught my lazy right toe as I tried to skim it through on the jump through.



Oooooh! CRAP!

NO, this cannot be happening the day before my kids leave for camp, also known as the day I begin to do whatever I want whenever I want for however long that I want.

Ah, but it did happen.

Nevertheless, I finished my practice, and even had a pretty delightful, albeit cautious practice (never has my chest been as open in backbending as when I'm fixated on not letting my pinky toe touch the ground), which left out Bakasana B (I just did A twice), which involved no further jumping of any kind and no dropbacks. But my backbends were so delightful, so open in the chest, that I did about six from the floor, each one held longer than the last, until I was up to about 15 breaths. That is definitely a record for me.

Not that we keep track of such things in yoga.


Came home, went about my business for a little bit, soon decided to go to the Rexall for some tape so that my toe wouldn't be hanging off of my foot, which kind of exacerbated the pain, and my pharmacist took one look at me, shoeless, breathless, a bit disheveled and said, "Get yourself to Northern Westchester Hospital, NOW."

I argued with him: I don't wanna get an X-Ray. I don't wanna wait to be seen. I don't wanna be told I have to stay off my foot.

Needless to say, I lost the argument, and off I went. An hour later, I had a splint and a pair of crutches.

I will be at practice on Monday though. New York Yoga with the Good Doctor. Broken toe be damned.



LI Ashtangini said...

I'm surprised they gave you crutches for a broken pinky toe. Usually the doctor says just tape it and suck it up, it'll heal itself. I broke my big toe almost two years ago and it's still not right. Of course, I didn't stay off of it like I should have, kept jumping back, etc. You have my sympathies. I have to use a mysore rug on the eco-mat, it's too sticky to jump through.

Wayne said...

Ouch! Did the same thing a year ago. Hope you recuperate quickly.

Anonymous said...

i've done that but did not treat it.

Yoga Chickie said...

Needless to say.

And needless to say, I am not surprised in the least.

Isn't this the source of our biggest blog war ever? The point/counterpoint over medical intervention versus non-medical intervention?

Me: mammos (when I had breasts), toe-splints.

You: no mammos, no toe-splints.

We are so predictable, aren't we?

Arturo said...

Hi Lauren
Sorry about your mishap. I've had near ones too, for the same reasons that you observe. The new Eko Manduka mat is supper grippy. When I take the towel on top off, I don't slide as expected.

Anonymous said...

guess that's the end of our reconcilliation.

Yoga Chickie said...

I wasn't really thinking we had a reconciliation based on the fact that you demurred when i asked for access to your private blog. That kind of leads to the assumption that there is stuff on there - about me, perhaps - that you don't want me to read. Civil is fine. Reconciliation? I never saw that really.

Anonymous said...

not everything is about you, believe it or not. I guess I missed the request to be let in to my blog. You're interesting, but I couldn't do an entire blog about you. Especially when I am so interesting myself. Blog's about me. And it's private because I'm naughty.

samasthiti said...

Jeeze. Couldn't you have just left that alone YC? You could have just left it alone, just read the comment and passed it by...but you couldn't. Hey! And you had to bring in the old crap! Yea you. You have not changed.

And don't tell me she started it.

I give up.

mindy moo said...

MY kids had gone away for 6 weeks with their dad and it was my first time off work and kids for 8 years..............I broke and dislocated my lisfranc bone which then led to having an emergency operation....... Why oh why now.........THE ANSWER.there is never a good time.......i hope that you enjoy this given time as much as I would be much more difficult if the little ones were around.........happy summer!!

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