Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sun Salutations in the Sun

I practiced in the late afternoon sunshine on my back porch today. My chest felt like it was really popping through my arms, and I was curious as to whether it showed. So, I decided to take some video footage. It turned out rather poorly, production-values-wise. And, actually, my Updogs don't look nearly as good as they felt.

BUT...when I look at this video, it actually makes me feel very very calm.

Can watching yoga make you feel calm?

Well, yeah. I think it can.

I remember one time just a little over five years ago, when I used to practice Bikram, and I was finishing up my chemo, and I had a horrible eye infection because after six months of chemo, I was left with like zero white blood cells to fight infection, and I had to have an MRI of my eyeballs. It was scary. Not so much because my head was in a vice while the machine of doom whirred loudly and the techies standing around me were instructing me to hold still for about 15 minutes. But more because I was scared shitless about what the MRI might show. Sure, they were looking for infections in my eye sockets. But what was to stop them from finding a brain tumor?

Somehow I had the presence of mind to visualize the Bikram sequence. One by one, I saw myself practicing each asana in my mind's eye. And I remained calm. And still. And the techies got their film. And it was over in what seemed like a moment or two, even though it was far longer.

It was a nice practice. I told myself I only had to do Primary. So, naturally, I did my entire practice. Funny how that works.



Polly said...

I love it, poor production and all!

We have replaced our LR carpet with a wood, so now I have a beautiful floor on which to practice.

Do you always practice to music? It adds a lot. I need to do that more.

Tracy said...

that is so great~ and i can see how tiny you when i do my jumpbacks my feet are at the very end of the mat with NO room to spare!! i never noticed that until i watched your video!
you look awesome!

Anonymous said...

I do think it's calming to watch Yoga :) I love it. It seems like such a fluid dance to me. It's beautiful.

As Polly said above; poor production and all, I found it very inspiring.

Thank you.


Tiger said...

Would love to have you recount some of your healing Bikram experiences at - think it would be inspiring to other members of this new social network.

Perhaps we could interview you?

Yoga Chickie said...

Feel free to contact me, Tiger through my email address.

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