Saturday, August 26, 2006

Well, smack my head!, If I'd only known about Linseed Oil!

I wouldn't have had to lose my hair, projectile vomit or spend a week in the hospital in neutropenic isolation. Or so says Kevin Trudeau, to whom I hesitate to link here because the man doesn't need any more publicity than he already has generated with his insane and unsubstantited claims of snake oil panacaeas. Essentially, Trudeau makes millions of dollars selling books that employ the phrase "Natural Cures"within their titles that are filled with claims that most human disease can be cured with non-drug remedies.

For example, he writes of how consuming linseed oil has been shown by researchers to kill more breast cancer cells than chemotherapy. Really? Tell me more, Mr. Trudeau. Tell me about the many thousands of women (it's called an "adequate sample") who joined that study and didn't know whether or not they were receiving linseed oil or Adriamycin and whose doctors did not know either (it's called a double blind study, Mr. Trudeau).

Yeah, its Five something A.M., and I am up watching infomercials. I much preferred watching the last "show" in which Donald Trump hawked his Trump Institute seminars where people like you (!) and me (!) can get RICH, RICH, RICH using other peoples' money to finance real estate acquisitions. At least I know that Trump is famous for successefully building and selling buildings that people actually live in. Whereas if you Google Kevin Trudeau, you can see from all the lawsuits, fines and imprisonments listed and linked that Trudeau's fame is built on a shaky foundation of claims (and flat-out lies, like, for example, that he has a medical degree, which he does not...which claim was good for a two year stint in prison) that are constantly being shot down by the Federal Trade Commission and various members of the media.

Of course, anyone who attempts to peek under the Trudeau rug will be accused of being owned by the drug companies, who Trudeau claims violate your Constitutional Right to choose Linseed Oil instead of chemo to cure your not letting the news of such miraculous natural cures make their way to you....

'Cause everyone knows that you can't make money from developing medicines out of natural ingredients like tree bark and such. It's never been done, not once, ever.


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Tim said...

People are so desperate to believe. It is frustrating that this idiot can make money off of that cr*p, and may do serious damage to their health as well. Grrrr....

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