Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I was going to lie

and say that I didn't practice today because of the full moon and all. But then I remembered that I started this blog as a way of keeping track of my practice. Sure, it veers away from that now and then and now and then again. But essentially, this is supposed to be a record of my Ashtanga practice. So, if I start hiding pieces of it and lying to try to avoid criticism/garner approval, then I'm defeating my own purpose.

So, here it is: Last night, when I saw the moon, huge, and round and glowing incredibly white, I remembered that today was a moon day. And I was bummed. I was looking forward to practicing again today. And so I did.

I spent a (tedious) afternoon in West Chelsea with the Mother-In-Law. We had lunch and then went to a gallery where everyone knew her by name, and it seemed that she was pretending that I was not her daughter-in-law, but her client, as in her client who was interested in buying some paintings that cost $20,000 and up:

"Hello Mrs. S, how are you [kiss kiss]?"

"Hello, Franz, I would like to introduce you to Lauren Cahn, who would like to see some of so-and-so's work").
When it became clear that I was part of some charade, I felt clammy and nauseous and said that I needed to get home for a "meeting".

That's when I went home and practiced. I needed to detox.


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