Thursday, August 31, 2006

still here in canada...still no laptop to call my own...

i am at an internet cafe in mont tremblant and the keyboard is woeful. i can`t figure out how to use punctuation or capitol letters. quick rundown of the past couple of days....let`s see, if today is thursday, then that means that we took a boat out on lac temblant for a couple of hours this afternoon and just returned. earlier in the day, we spent a couple of hours in le source aqua club where they have a whole bunch of swimming pools and spas, and after a half hour soak in the outdoor spa, i did my whole yoga practice. yay!!!!!!!!! and it was good. and no one bothered me for the most part, even the husband let me practice pretty much undisturbed as he watched the kids use the tarzan rope and jump from pretend cliffs.

which brings me to wednesday, yesterday, when we went white water rafting, which was kind of scary at first, but then i started to relax and enjoy it, although not enough to participate in the cliff diving that took place at the end. earlier wednesday, yesterday, we hiked up a trail called les caps, which took us all the way from the bottom of the mountain to the top. it was five kilometers and very very very steep. adam bitched and moaned a lot, but i held his hand, sort of dragging him up. that helped. it took us a little over 90 minutes and then we took the gondola down.

no practice yesterday. when would i have...

there was supposed to be a question mark there, but i have no idea how to type one.

day before was tuesday, and that was tennis and water sports...adam went water skiing for the first time. i probably already blogged about that. so i will not go on about it now, since my 10 minutes at the internet cafe are almost up.

everyone has a french accent here. am i the only one who is surprised...question mark....most of the folks i know from quebec province speak english with an almost new york, this was a bit of a surprise for me. it is totally french here. i know i am stating the obvious. but still, it had to be said.

later tonight will be mini golf. tomorrow morning, bright and early, we will go rock climbing. scary. and then i think i will again have time to practice. and eat a crepe.

i hope i get a chance to go horseback riding. which also reminds, me, sharon, we are definitely going to get a beaver tail. i have no idea why we haven`t done so already! silly us.

no beavers will be hurt in the process, for anyone who is not sharon or who has not been to tremblant.

ciao ciao


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Anonymous said...

oh you should definitely try to go riding there. I heard the trails are fun and I think they'll take you through some water. If you don't get a chance to do it, I'll have to take you when you get back to ny.
ps- you're right, this blog reading stuff is kind of addictive!

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