Sunday, August 13, 2006

It's coming together...

Or else the afternoon sure makes practice feel nice.

Or else, stretching before practice makes practice feel smooth and unforced.

In any event, practice was delightful - calm, even breathing, mind not wandering so much, or not in a disturbing distracting way. Even not getting myself bound in Supta K was fine. I didn't ruminate or stay in it an especially long time. I just moved onto the next postures. Dropbacks are going well. I did three and stood up on two of them...but really really spazzily. It will come. This much I know.

And the best part of it is that I finally felt like I had the energy to go all the way through the practice, start to finish, without getting winded, without needing to take a break. It just flowed, one pose to the next, and then it was done.

I need days like this. They get me through to the next day, right up to the point where I start to hem and haw about not wanting to practice. The good practice from the day before becomes an entincement...perhaps you will have another day like yesterday....perhaps....but it never truly factors into the decision to practice. Because there really is no decisionmaking, per se. I just practice. When I am in the mood, when I am not. When I feel crappy. When I feel great. I just practice. So, attachments may draw me towards is, aversions may draw me away, but ultimately, there is really not much choice in the matter. If you want to do this yoga, Ashtanga, you have to practice every day. It's designed that way. Five breaths in a posture is not enough UNLESS you are practicing that posture every day.

I will continue the gymnastics post tomorrow. I am too sleepy right now....


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