Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Yoga of Anonymous Comments

I know some people like to comment anonymously here. I can imagine that there are some good reasons why. What is not a good reason: wanting to hide one's identity in order to express aggressive thoughts that one is not comfortable owning up to.

If you have something disagreeable, cranky, judgemental or unpleasant to say, then by all means say it...but if you say it, I think you ought to OWN IT.

If you aren't comfortable "owning it", then perhaps you ought to ask yourself why that is.

Do you not wish for others to know that you have aggressive thoughts? Do you not wish for others to know that you are willing to put aside the practice of ahimsa in order to release those aggressive thoughts into the world? Do you believe on some level that by not owning those thoughts that somehow those thoughts unleashed upon the world do not generate bad karma?

The reality is that whether you stand by your words or hide behind "Anonymous", aggressive words can be hurtful, not only to the intended recipient, but to those who read them. Aggressive thoughts generate aggressive thoughts in response, and who knows where the bad karma ends?

Perhaps if you are unwilling to own your aggressive thoughts, then you already realize that the path of least violence, and the path that you would like others to see you taking, is to keep hostile thoughts to yourself and hope that someday you develop the gift for viewing others with a spirit of generosity and equanimity that makes those words obsolete and the feelings behind them nonexistent.



Richard said...

Anonymous comments can be so sad. I won't post them if they are hurtful or angry or mean...though I haven't received too many of these. Many anonymous comments are just people being private or maybe shy or unsure. In any case, thanks for the thoughtful post.

Be well.

samasthiti said...

You are right about them generating more and more negativity.
You get all the fun ones for some reason.
I actually have a very nice Anon who I would like to get to know, but I can't cause? Oh, Anonymous, that's why.

No taxation... uh I mean, no confrontation without representation!

Don't let them get to you, you are better than that.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. If someone disagrees with you or wants to make some snide comment, that someone should own up to it. On the internet, pseudonyms are acceptable, however. But at least use one so that we can address you. Don't just hurl insults.


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