Monday, July 10, 2006


This is for the Curly Girls out know who you are...If you haven't tried plopping, you must....especially, if you have an obsessive/compulsive tendency to not be able to leave your hair alone while it's drying (as I do): Plopping completely prevents you from agitating your hair with a towel or your fingers, which tends to separate and fuzzy-up the curls. With plopping, you end up with thick clumps of soft, smooth, shiny, well-defined curls and waves.

Granted, if you are not a spirally-curly girl (which, alas, I am not), then you may wind up with loose, undulating waves (that's not a bad thing, now is it?), but they will be soft and shiny and closer to their "true nature"...which is kind of the essence of the Curly Girl Philosophy. I figure, if I am not fighting my hair to be straight, I shouldn't fight it to be spiral-curly either. I should let it be what it is.

Sorry to bore the rest of you.

Happy Moonday, Yoga Sutra and Ashtanga Yoga Shala!! Enjoy your practice, Ashtanga Yoga New York!!



Andrea said...

Thanks Lauren! I'm definitely going to try that tomorrow morning. I cannot, CANNOT leave my hair alone while it's drying. I feel the need to constantly scrunch. Sometimes that works out okay, but on a rainy, misty, humid day like today it's a total mess!


Anonymous said...

I'm so confused about these Curly Girls things you've been posting about. Who are they and how are they affiliated with the Young Ladies Christian Fellowship??? Are Christians now against shampoo????

--straight hair

yoga chickie said...

HAHAHA!!! That is hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry to have been unclear. I didn't really focus on the Christian Fellowship aspect of the Curly website, only on the curly hair tips and pics.

So, here's the quick and dirty: Ever since my hair started growing back after chemo, it's been very thick and wavy and so I have had trouble managing it and have worn it in a ponytail nearly every single day. Finally I got some help from Devachan Salon in Soho, and now, of course, it has become an obsession, complete with google searches for tips on how to manage the curls. The "cult of curly" starts with the premise that shampoo is BAD and should never be used on hair - only on dishes. Instead, you are supposed to use non-lathering cleansers or just rub some water-soluble conditioner into your scalp in order to loosen any dirt.

I didn't mean to affiliate with a Christian fellowship or to leave out the straight haired readers of my blog! I am sure that the no-shampoo rule would make anyone with straight hair very happy with their hair as well!


Sue said...

Actually, I find normal shampoo ruins my straight locks. I'm using organic, animal-free, sodium lauryl sulphate-free shampoo (and conditioner) that doesn't lather up much and my hair has never been healthier.

samasthiti said...

I have thick crazy wavy hair that regular shampoo makes HUGE and dried out.
I have been using Lush solid shampoo Incarnate and my favorite Karma Komba. The smell so amazing, and my hair is never ever frizzy and huge. And no bottles or any weird preservatives or chemicals to harm me or the planet.

Sergio said...

Lush products rule. Some of them are even vegan!

Andrea said...

I got scolded by my (also curly haired) hairstylist last week for using shampure (only every other day..I swear!) and told that I need to switch to sap moss (I'm a bit of an Aveda whore) I did and it's incredible! Love it! I have super thick curly hair and I only need to use the size of a pea. It's insane. And, like all Aveda products, I'm obsessed with how it smells.


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