Monday, July 10, 2006

Oh my God, like, I set up my tent!

I am such a child. I really want to sleep in there tonight with my brand new sleeping bag. But the Husband convinced me that it would make getting the kids ready for camp tomorrow morning next to impossible. And besides, they would want to sleep in it tomorrow night, and it's quite the eyesore sitting there in our foyer.

Just setting up the tent made me realize that I need a few things for my camping excursion: bugspray, a flashlight, a windbreaker, a hammer or something heavy to drive the stakes into the ground (I can't rely on being able to find a heavy enough rock), a big bottle of water, warm socks....but what else? Besides yoga clothes, yoga mat, hand towel, shower towel and changes of clothes? Some energy bars and a jar of peanut butter in case I can't stand homemade Dal?



Anonymous said...

Beach towel, bathing suit, sunscreen, Oh - and the phone # to a Four Seasons....just in case..

tina said...

LS! What fun, bumping into you! I never go anywhere without a good set of earplugs. Happy guru purnima.

yoga chickie said...

Earplugs...hmmm...not sure I can stand the feeling of things in my ears, but that does remind me that I want to bring my iPod. Hope Puja was inspiring and obstacle-removing!

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