Friday, July 07, 2006

We shall overcome

I THINK, although I am not entirely sure, that Mari C and Mari D are really mine now...that I can actually bind them solidly, even when I haven't stretched out in the shower before practice, even when I abstain from Advil, even when I feel kind of tired, even when it's not my most bendy day. Other postures gradually came to be "mine" after a while - postures that I would have to practice in the shower before going to the shala that ultimately became reliably doable no matter what I did or didn't do before practice, such as Paschimo D (wrists bound), both Ardha Badhas and Janu Sirsasana C (with knee on the ground). Also, I am now almost always able to touch my chest to my thighs in the first Uttanasana of my first Surya Namaskar A. For these gifts, I am happy and grateful, grateful not only to myself for having practiced nearly six days a week for a little bit over a year, but also to whatever power has seen fit to allow me to be healthy, strong and fiscally sound enough to be able to do so.

Taught a vinyasa class with some of my best music ever - including Bruce Springsteen's version of We Shall Overcome and Noa's version of Eye in the Sky (thanks, Sesio!). While teaching, I found my eyes occasionally drifting over to someone practicing Ashtanga in another room, and all I can say Okay, of course I can say more than "wow". I can say that her practice was the most graceful, beautiful, bendy, strong practice I have ever witnessed. And that is saying a lot because I have practiced alongside of some incredibly graceful, beautiful, bendy, strong people. It was inspiring and humbling.

Off to pick up the kiddies from the camp bus. Signed myself up for shala summer camp today! I am excited but nervous. Can Yoga Chickie really sleep in a tent??



Tiffersll said...

Ugh I hate camping...Bring an air mattress...well, I could think of a million things I'd be missing at camp.

I don't get how people lose Mari C or D? Once you get it, in my opinion, you got it. So maybe some people gain weight or are just lazy one day - it'll only get easier. :-)

yoga chickie said...

I think I might hate camping too. But I am really into the idea of learning about Ayurveda and doing a led class with Sir - I have never had the opportunity before!

Losing Mari C and D....hmmm...I think that at the beginning of mastering any posture, it is catch as catch can....but I think I am sufficiently THERE now! YAY!

Sara said...

Wait, I missed the bus. Practice in the shower? (*picturing Yoga Chickie in the shower practicing mari D, with strategically placed ivy leaves*)

So you sit on the floor of the shower after the water has sufficiently surya-namaskara'ed your body and practice some of the postures? This works?

Maybe I'll try pungu kukkutasana in the shower, though I'll have to have the medics outside the curtain and ready. ;)

Sue said...

Another way to lose mari C and D... get an injury :(

Sergio said...

So, thanks to you, everybody knows my nickname now XD

Thanks for your recommendations, too! India.Arie is awesome (as you would say there)! I had never heard of her but, funnily enough, remembers watching "Video" on the MTV or something. Where was I that I missed that?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to burst the bubble, but makes you think Guy's weekend is about Ayurveda???? Cuz, um, it ain't.

yoga chickie said...

Not sure what I said that you're referring to, but I do know that Guy's weekend is about yoga and diet, and I have never had a discussion with Guy about diet that did not involve doshas and Ayurvedic principles.

Why I am responding to this many question-marked, brittle, snippy, hostile comment is the real relevant question here.

As the Buddha would say...thank you.

Anonymous said...

What you said, which I think you have since deleted, was that you were "so excited to learn about ayurveda." I merely pointed out that the weekend is not about ayurveda. I fail to see what was snippy or brittle about that.

yoga chickie said...

You fail to see what was snippy or brittle about what you said? Well, try saying it out loud. Would you be comfortable saying it to my face? Are you planning on attending the workshop? If so, would you let me know who you are so that we can discuss this in person?

Yeah, I didn't so.

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