Sunday, July 02, 2006

Greetings from the Berkshires!

Last night we drove up the
scenic and snakey Taconic Parkway to Great Barrington, where we are staying as we tour a couple of "sleepaway" camps in the Berkshires, Massachusetts. On the way, we stopped for a deja view of Copake Lake in Columbia, County, New York, which is the non-enthusiastic-driver's answer to the Berkshires, and which is also where the Husband and I had a summer-share in 1992.

Our share house was a total dump, but we were too young to care, and besides, it was right on the Lake and included a rowboat. I logged many a mile back then, running loops around the lake, training for my first of three New York City Marathons (my best time was 3:58:59), and I still have the scar on the front of my right ankle from when I fell down a gravelly hill on one of those training runs. It was eerily fun to show it to my kids, who were nearly a decade away from being born at the time I obtained said scar, as we drove up that hill where I obtained it.

We had dinner at the Four Brothers Pizza place in Hillsdale, which hasn't changed one iota since 1992, from the cheesy wood paneling to the unbelievably incredible Greek salad, made with the freshest, most delicious feta cheese I have ever tasted and a dressing so good that eventually, the Four Brothers got wise and decided to bottle and mass market it. Following dinner, the kids (including the Husband) did some go-cart riding at the place next door to the Four Brothers, while Lewis the Bagle and I explored the adjacent (and vacant) mini-golf course, where Lewis had the momentous experience of relieving himself outside of the tri-state area for perhaps the first time in his life.

When we arrived at our motel in Great Barrington, we were disappointed but not surprised to discover that it is a terrible dump, reminiscent of the Worst Lodging We Have Ever Experienced Which Now Sets The Standard for Frighteningly Bad Accomodations . Let it suffice to say that its major draws (other than location, location, location) are a heart-shaped jacquzzi (which I haven't found yet and definitely don't wanna) and wireless internet (which I did find...obviously). On the other hand, the patio out by the pool is fine for my yoga practice, so fine, in fact, that I actually ended up practicing twice today: once, early this morning, when I was inspired to squeeze in 5 a's and 5 b's but didn't have time for anything else, and later this afternoon, after a day of camp-touring, when I managed to do my entire practice in 75 minutes.

But by far the most amazing and exciting part of my day was when I did THIS!!!! at one of the camps! Addy and I were both totally into it. Brian and the Husband preferred to watch and catch it on film. Photos to come. Stay tuned.

Tomorrow, the plan is to hike at Monument Mountain, perhaps hit a museum and later drive up to New Hampshire, where we will hopefully have a nicer place to stay (although when you make your reservations for July 4th weekend on June 30, you pretty much have to accept what you get) and where we will hopefully find that the camp we are touring is worth the six-hour drive being understood, that if said camp has one of these, or even one of these (and is generous enough to let us have a go at it), then worth it, it will be.



Anonymous said...

my kids used to love the trapeze, it used to be right near Tim's old studio and I talked them into doing trapeze camps during the summer. My son just had a go of it after about 2 years of not doing it and he had no trouble picking up where he left off, but then that is just his way.

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Lauren, love the blog.
Have a nice day now. See ya! Q

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