Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mathead. Not to be confused with Meathead.

Excerpted from the Yoga Chickie Wiki:

"mathead (matt' hed) n. a person who takes substantially all of his or her physical exercise while standing, jumping, posing, sitting and/or lying on a yoga mat and who steadfastly refuses to "do" cardio and weight training, despite the goading of well-meaning Western-educated medical professionals and proferrers of dubious research. Matheads may sometimes be found in gyms and health clubs but are, more often than not, there for the sole purpose of taking to their mats....

"Laymen are often able to readly identify matheads by their well-defined triceps, shapely legs, relatively trim midsections, disproportionately huge strength to body size ratio, youthful complexions, admirable posture, well-calloused feet and a tendency to smile easily and not get all whipped up at the slightest provocation (although notable exceptions do exist)....

"Western medical professionals are often unaware that they are in the presence of a mathead when observing their patient's admirably low heart rate, low-end-of-normal blood pressure, cholesterol readings and a tendency to recover quickly and cleanly from even the most complicated surgeries. This is because Western medical professionals are often untrained in matheadology*.

"Matheads are advised to smile beatifically and say, "It must be the yoga" when questioned about their youthful appearance and healthy constitution. It is hoped that someday, matheads will be less misunderstood."

* the study of matheads.



samasthiti said...

Yes, exceptions do exist don't they!
Don't step on my ashtanga toes!

I am a card carrying mathead member, did I tell you?

Asana Bear said...

You should post this as an article on Wikipedia!

CJ said...

That made me laugh :D

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