Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Yo ho ho

I am positively bleary-eyed as I write this. And I need to warn you beforehand, I am only writing to kill time as I wait for the neighborhood pet store to open so that I can buy some of that PetTastic stuff that takes the poop smell out of the carpet. So, you may not find anything worthwhile here, assuming that is, indeed, what you came here for.

Yesterday was Adam's visiting evening at day camp. By the time the evening was over, it was 10:00 p.m., and I had enjoyed a Vodka Collins straight up (this is my new summer cocktail of choice as it incorporates vodka, lemonade and a bit of fizz, which is as close to heaven for me as a summer cocktail can get), a salad topped with freshly sauteed fungus, I mean mushrooms (NOT a yoga-practice-supporting meal) and a slice of thin-crust extruded-dead-animal pizza, or rather, sausage pizza (again, such carnage is NOT yoga-practice-supporting). Yet I smirked through my non-vegetarian guilt, knowing that although my karma might be very very bad, at least my yoga practice won't suffer for it, seeing as today is a MOON DAY! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Famous last words..as I woke up and realized that today I am teaching not one, but TWO vinyasa classes at Yoga Sutra, which means that I had better do at least some self-practice before I set about to teach (I always like to do some practice before teaching as it settles my mind and brings clarity to my spoken words, not to mention I am warm enough to demonstrate a posture here and there if called upon to do so).

Furthermore, when we arrived home from our dead-flesh and fungus eating fest, we discovered that the karma delivery truck had arrived early: Lewis had a stomach bug and had soiled himself, his crate, his beloved stuffed monkey and even his water dish. I fed him an Immodium only to have THAT backfire as well: when I woke up this morning, I discovered that I had given poor Lewis a case of constipation-induced doggie hemorrhoids. I won't go further into a description of what that meant to my wood floors and living room carpet. But it wasn't pretty. Isn't pretty. Thus, I wait for the pet supply shop to open.

Oh, yeah, the yo ho ho thing: I saw Pirates of the Carribean this weekend. It was disgustingly gross and not even remotely interesting. Moreover, Orlando Bloom is a girly man, Johnny Depp desperately needs to bathe, Keira Knightley looked FAT (not really) and all of the other characters were so interchangeable that I found it nearly impossible to figure out what was going on. My kids loved it.

So there you have it. Nine a.m. Off I go.


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Sara said...

Oh my gosh, Lauren. I'm sitting here reading about your extruded meat product as I'm drinking my diet Coke and vodka. Here's to clean living, baby.

By the way, I perused your photo albums -- the curls look fantastic.

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