Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Yoga Chickies

Forget the Oscars.

Best Picture doesn't get awarded until way after our bedtime anyway.

Instead, I offer you the Yoga Chickie Ashtanga Awards, right here, right now:

Actually, now that I think about it, I really don't have any awards to give other than one, and that is the Best Ashtanga Home Movies, which goes to Nilaf. Not only is the practice awe-inspiringly, heart-achingly beautiful to watch, but Olaf (thanks, anon) and Nina, his wife, are quite possibly the cutest couple I have ever seen on a yoga mat, giggling and making goo-goo eyes at each other as they come face to face while twisting into Mari C and D....not to mention, the moments of intrigue and suspense, fpr example, in "bendy", the file in which Olaf backbends himself into Chakra Bhandasana (backbend with hands to the ankles), and Nina helps him bring his hands to his THIGHS...

Thanks to okrgr for linking to it.



Sergio said...

I can only agree. These people's practice is beautiful indeed!

Sergio said...

Oh, and enjoy that skii trip!

samasthiti said...

They are cute aren't they.
Sometimes you can see them giggling at each other, it's just too friggin' cute.

Anonymous said...

His name is Olaf.

Anonymous said...

His wifes name is Nina thus...Nilaf

yoga chickie said...

So, if her name was Pam, it would have been Pilaf?


samasthiti said...


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