Sunday, February 05, 2006

The mystery of the disappearing blogs

Twice this week, blog entries of mine have disappeared into the ether, AFTER having been published. It's one thing to have them disappear as you attempt to publish them. That's bad enough. But after they've been published? I don't understand what happened. Any computer geeks have any ideas?

One of my blog entries that disappeared was a long rambling post about silence as ahimsa. That makes me kind of sad. And it makes me feel unmotivated to write anything meaningful to myself until I can figure out what is happening to my posts....

Where do they go when they disappear?



vivage said...

I don't know where they go but I was thinking that maybe I dreamt that post. Because one day it was there and the next it was gone. Poof.

Anonymous said...

They are there in the RSS feed of your blog. I can email your the complete silence post or you can do the same. Just subscribe on bloglines using

On the blog topic, I would also recommend getting rid of the black background, it makes it unreadable, particularly the blue links, etc.

Amit C

yoga chickie said...

Hey, thanks. I am going to pull it up from Bloglines. That really is strange that it would disappear but not fully...

Any idea why?

Also, if you know how to change the background color, let me know. I know how to make some changes to my template, but I don't know the codes for different colors...


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