Friday, February 03, 2006

Reverse Psycho-ology

All week long, the plan was to play hookie from Ashtanga today, Friday, you know, easy day? You see, for someone who practices up to Navasana and doesn't do drop-backs yet, what is an easy day anyway? A non-Ashtanga day. A Bikram day, perhaps? And so I was to practice Bikram today.

And yet when I woke up this morning, nothing could keep me away from Shala X, not even knowing that Sir does not teach on Fridays. Not even knowing that about 1/3 of the usual suspects would be there (which we all know has the potential to upset the delicate balance of energy in the room). Not only did I get my butt to practice, but I got there in time for the 9:00 invocation. I don't think I have EVER gotten there in time for that before.

I had some trouble getting myself as deep into Mari D as I wanted to. After Wednesday's "Adventures in Twisting" with Sir, nothing but a deep, deep twist with a wrist-grab seems to satisfy. So, after I finished backbending, I stretched my shoulders with my new R&D program, and then I revisited Mari D. About three more times on each side. I was SO Mari D'd out by the time I was ready to do three more backbends and my finishing poses that when I came out into the vestibule to chitchat with Tania and the Tall Guy, and the Tall Guy wanted to know what Mari D was, I was able to SHOW HIM!! Tania was like, "Yeah, that's Mari D alright." (as an aside, I have to say I truly admire the Tall Guy for his diligent practice; he always shows up, even when injured, as he is currently, even when he seems to have just rolled out of bed).

I asked Tania if it's okay to explore Mari D a few more times after finishing my other poses. She noted that many students seem to be OBSESSED with Mari D (ha!! that's an understatement!), and that as long as I don't blow off my finishing poses, that it seems alright. (I remember Mark this summer saying that it's totally fine to practice poses outside of "practice" and the more, the better.)

Anyway, glad that I "tricked" myself into Ashtanga today. Maybe Bikram tomorrow?


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