Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Practiced at home, watched The 40 Year Old Virgin...

bent, breathed, laughed, sang,
Mari D is so my thang,
cuddled with my warm, delicious hound,
picked up freckle-face from three blocks uptown,
drank vanilla soy chai from a lovely china cup,
noticed my chapped lips are finally healing up,
less than four weeks left of winter they say,
This is turning out to be a fine day.



Tiffersll said...

That movie is a little cheesy, but quite a bit funny.

Jill said...

40 year Old Virgin - funniest movie!

Sister In Law

yoga chickie said...

I think I have a girl-crush on Elizabeth Bank. She was hysterical in The Baxter and even more hysterical in Virgin. She is awesome, as is Paul Rudd and whomever played Cal. Steve Carrell, is, of course amazing, as is Catherine Keener. I read an article in Entertainment Weekly where two "industry" people said that Virgin SHOULD have been nominated for an Oscar. I can totally see that.

Let the sunshine!


Linda said...

Girl crush?

Versus a real crush?

Just asking. Your blog is great. Funny and about my favorite subject:yoga.

I was just wondering why you needed to say girl crush.

Linda said...

Ijust read your commnet on Jody's blog.
Forgive me for questioning your girl crush comment.
What is going on in this country is scaring me.My friends just adopted a baby and they are gettign homphobic comments from NEW YORKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

your yoga friend

yoga chickie said...

Girl crush is a non-sexual kind of thing, unlike a crush which has its roots in something sexual, albeit probably immature and silly (like what my kids might feel for a girl at their age). "Girl crush" is a term that has come into popular culture to refer to a woman's having a platonic infatuation with another woman.

I just think E Bank is awesomely gorgeous and hysterically funny to the point where I want to look her up on IMDB (and even...perish the thought...fan sites) and find out more about her. Thus: girl crush...

:) Lauren

samasthiti said...

That dog is sounding good enough to eat....

samasthiti said...

That dog is sounding good enough to eat....

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