Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hi Ya'all

Still skiing. Today we got up really early and took the 45 minute drive to Snowbirdin Little Cottonwood Canyons, Utah. Somehow I managed to squeeze in a full set (five and five) of Sun Salutations and the final three seated postures before the alarm even went off at 6:50 a.m. I felt that it helped my skiing immensely. I felt comfortable, loose and relaxed all day. In fact, I managed to follow The Husband onto some pretty steep and bumpy double diamonds. I was just in the zone and I went with it.

Snowbird is without a doubt my favorite ski mountain. It is totally low key. There is no night life at all, and who cares, really? I mean, every time we get ourselves out for dinner, it's like the hugest effort. Like last night, we went to Wasatch Brew Pub with the kids. We waited an hour for a table, and since it's Utah, my kids couldn't come into the bar, and in any event, the bar only sold beer. If you want a cocktail, you have to either visit a "private club" or be sitting down and ordering dinner. Thus, there is no such thing as killing the hour wait for a table with a nice cocktail. We did enjoy a nice glass of water though.

Our waiter at Wasatch recognized our accents immediately. He asked us what part of New York we were from (I was horrified...I don't think I have an accent!!). We said, "Manhattan", and he said, "What part?" What part? Um, "Upper East Side," I said, thinking that he would have no idea what I was talking about. Turned out that he spent a whole bunch of years living in the West Village. He grew to hate it and headed west. And west. And he ended up in Utah and stayed.

Tonight we finished the dinner we started at Wasatch. The portions there were astonishing. Before dinner, I hot-tubbed it a bit and did all of my seated postures, backbends and finishing poses. Yes, criminal, I know, to split it up that way, but it feels sooooo good to stretch like that after skiing. And I am shockingly flexible out here. Perhaps it's something in the air. Or perhaps it's that I am more relaxed, being away from home.

Tomorrow, we're doing a spouse swap, sort of, with some friends from home. They're staying at Deer Valley, which is another of the big three resorts here in Park City. The husband, P, wants to check out the Canyons, but the wife, E, needs to stay back at Deer Valley because their youngest kid is in ski school there. So, P and his older boys (ages 10 and 12, if I am remembering correctly) are coming to ski with the Husband at the Canyons, and they're bringing with them some guy they hired to take them all over the mountain. Nice, right? My kids will remain in Ski School at The Canyons. I'm comfortable with that since The Husband will be on hand at the mountain (as long as the mountain guide doesn't take them into some insane back country territory, which The Canyons "neither encourages nor discourages". Hmmm. Meanwhile, I will be going to Deer Valley to ski with E. We've all known each other since we were in our early twenties. It's kind of cozy and nice.

Later on, we'll be heading over to Zoom, which is part of the Robert Redford Sundance empire. This time, without the kids.

Damn, this is boring. I am just too tired to write anything that is even remotely (a) witty, (b) intellectual, (c) philosophical, or (d) analytical. And I missed Lost tonight. I just realized.

Oh, and Susan, if you're reading this...I have not TOUCHED a Snapple all week. But I have had MUCH chai. Not Chai Latte. REAL chai. YUM!!!


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samasthiti said...

I'm reading! I'm reading!
Right on with the chai.....

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