Sunday, February 26, 2006

First Day Back at Shala X

So nice to be back!!! And boy was it crowded today. I got a spot in the last row and then I kept moving up, row by row. It reminded me of being a tile in one of those sliding tile puzzles (like the one at left).

I was suprised to find that I was the first one up in the Yoga Chickie household today (I have to admit, Brian would have been, had he not been on a sleepover at his best friend's place). I immediately climbed into a steaming hot bathtub, heated up the muscles and joints, got dressed, walked Lewis and drove downtown. Still ended up getting there at 9:25, which was later than I intended, but early enough to get plenty of adjustments and assists (Uttitha Parsva Konasana, Prasarita Pado C, Tirianga Mukha Pada Paschimo, all of the Mari's).

As I suspected, I wasn't as bendy here in NYC as I was in Utah. However, Jose gave me an amazing door-opening, code-cracking tip regarding Mari D: elbow to the outside of the knee, other hand to the floor and TWIST FIRST. THEN reach around and bind. Voila. Mari D.

It seems so obvious now. Twist first, bind later.

Many backbends today. Three sets of three.

I can't write any more right now because I am actually mid-fight with the Husband. He is agitated that I am going downtown for yoga (too time consuming?) and spending $200 a month on yoga (instead of $125 for a membership at Sports Club/LA). This really irks me because what else should I spend my time doing? Lunching with the ladies? And I SAW what goes on at the Sports Club/LA in their yoga program. It's basically glorified calisthenics. Even the Ashtanga class.

The Husband would rather that I run on the treadmill and pump iron and take the occasional yoga class. Because he doesn't get yoga. His loss.

Seems to me that I should be able to practice yoga where I want to, and $200 isn't all that much to spend for our family.

Whatever. Equanimity. Calm. Peace.



Anonymous said...

Yoga also eliminates the need for therapy bills; very cost-effective.

Anonymous said...

tell yr hubby that you are studying with one of the best teachers in NYC. You have to pay 4 quality--i'm sure he must know this...don't budge, it's 2 bad he doesnt really get it.

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