Sunday, February 12, 2006

NYC gets dumped

East 79th Street Buried, originally uploaded by Yoga Chickie.

So far, we've got a foot of snow. The above photo is a close-up taken from my living room window. That is not my SUV out there, just in case you were wondering.

More photos taken on this fine Sunday morning from my sunroom window:

If and when it ever stops snowing, we'll bundle the kids up in their snow pants and ski jackets and head over either to the big hill behind Gracie Mansion or over to Cedar Hill in Central Park. That's how we sleigh ride round these parts. I just wish the Husband would stop harping on me to "use the day" to pack and boring stuff like that.



samasthiti said...

Packing eh?
You sure your going to get out?
I'd have some fun!

Julie said...

It was 80 here today... I wore a short skirt and a tank top... reading this reminds me why I pay out my nose for this place ;)

yoga chickie said...

Here's the a really weird way, this was one of the classic best days in NYC. I am not just rationalizing! Once the snow quiets down, everyone with kids, dogs or just a desire to be outside in the clean, cold, whiteness comes out of their buildings and treks over to the nearest park. The dog runs are packed. Everywhere you look, parents are pulling young children in their little sleds. And on the hills, bigger kids are coasting in their flying saucers and their snow-surfboards. Everyone's acting happy and generous. And then you trek home and have some hot chocolate.

If you dress properly, you don't feel the cold at all. It was a wonderful prelude to my upcoming Utah trip.

(not that I don't envy your being able to wear a mini and a tank in February!!)


P.S. I am about to write you a question on your blog about wiccans and pagans...stay tuned...

ciodude said...

We got about 14" of snow down here to the south of you. I like the snow and such as well, but I much prefer mine in the 'burbs instead of the city. NYC makes my brain hurt.

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