Thursday, February 23, 2006

Me Write Book

It Bigfoot Memoir.

I found this book in a little bookstore in Park City. It had me laughing hysterically. The introduction is by The Loch Ness Monster. Both Nessie and Bigfoot have fallen on hard times, apparently, what with MTV and the internet and so are trying their hands at memoir-ing. Perhaps Oprah will pick this one up for her Book Club?

As BF say, no do what I no do.

Speaking of what I no do, I no ski The Canyons today. Skied Deer Valley with E, as I mentioned yesterday ( E is P's wife. P and the Husband went to college together, and E and P started dating around the same time I started dating the Husband). It's nice to see longtime friends who you don't get to see all the time. It's even nicer when you find that you share some of the same passions. Five sons between the two families, and we all love skiing. P and the Husband skiied around The Canyons with the boys, and E and I skiied at Deer Valley. Pics to be uploaded tomorrow.

Deer Valley is quite chi chi. Lots of fancy ski outfits (boy did I feel like a schlep in my 15-year-old-boy-style baggies). Lots of private instructors going around with children. Lots of incredibly lush facilities. For lunch, I enjoyed seaweed salad instead of the usual chili and pizza. Everywhere you wanted to go, there was a lift for it, unlike most mountains I've skiied, where you have to do a lot of planning and mapping and traversing to get to wherever it is you want to go. Every lift leads to beginner terrain as well as the harder stuff. It is truly a place to go when you don't want to have to think too much (and you don't mind paying seventy five bucks for a lift ticket and twenty bucks for lunch...sheesh!).

Most importantly, the snow was incredibly soft (that has nothing to do with the resort and everything to do with the weather, which was sunshiney and warm-ish), we found lots of great runs, and the vistas were breathtaking.

Tomorrow: Park City Mountain Resort.


(p.s. no formal practice today, although after skiing and taking a nice hot bath, I did all of the seated poses up through Mari A. Hopefully, I'll squeeze in a practice tomorrow morning before breakfast.....hopefully....I am TIRED. This is a tiring vacation....)

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