Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tile 8, Article 23, Paragraph 42: The Sick Child Exemption

Notwithstanding the requirement set forth in the foregoing paragrphs that Ashtangini shall make haste to the Shala immediately upon medical release from Plastic Surgeon who performed surgery to Ashtangini's breasts (and/or nose), Ashtangini is exempt therefrom provided that, and only to the extent that, if either one or both of Ashtangini's children (or in the case of Ashtangini with more than two children, one or more) has a fever of over 101 degrees Farenheit (or the equivalent in Celcius) and therefore must stay home from school, or if for any other legal and valid reason, Ashtangini must keep one or more of her children home from school, including, but without limitation, vomiting, lice infestation, cough and the like, then Ashtangini shall be exempt from attending the Shala for the duration of the child's remainder at home, it being understood that Ashtangini shall practice at home, it being further understood that practice is defined by the parameters of Article 1, Paragraph 1, to include stepping on the mat and doing whatever.

Catch my drift?


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