Saturday, November 11, 2006

A - Always, B - Be, C- Closing

I don't want to jinx meeself, but we have an accepted offer on this place! With a June closing date (ideal for the school-age-kid family) and no mortgage contingency (well, that's standard in NYC nowadays, but still!) to boot!

Of course, nothing is a done deal until it's a done deal, or, in the immortal words of David Mamet (via the character, "Blake" in Glengarry Glen Ross), "Only one thing counts in this life! Get them to sign on the line which is dotted!

How awesome is David Mamet, by the way?

Guilty pleasure of the week, and please never ever remind me that I have spoken of this: Fergilicious. I really don't think that Fergie (Stacey Ferguson, of the Black Eyed Peas) is particularly talented. I hate that she thinks she is "Fergilicious" and am annoyed by the fact that she can get away rhyming "Fergilicious" with "delicious" (I mean, isn't the former simply a contraction using the latter?). Moreover, I don't even know what it means when she says that the boys "rock rock". But I can't get the song out of my head. And, even worse, I say this as I hang my head in shame, I downloaded it from iTunes so I could listen to it whenever I want.

I didn't get to meet David Williams, unfortunately, what with my Halloween party and his plans with his son and my friend S's work schedule (he was staying with her). She promises to give me a really detailed third person account though. And I am holding her to it.

I am just about ready to be back at the shala. The only reason I'm not, well, it's really threefold: 1) I promised the husband I wouldn't start my membership up again until December, 2) I promised my plastics doctor that I wouldn't do any "crazy yoga poses" until six weeks had passed, and once I start hitting the shala, I just know that I am not going to be able to hold back and (3) I'm kind of enjoying the enforced rest, not that I am fully resting. I did do my Ashtanga practice yesterday, although I skipped most of the chatturangas and only included the between-sides vinyasas up to Janu Sirsasana C.

Guess what? My backbend has opened up incredibly, by which I mean that my front has opened up incredibly. It was amazing and astounding to press up into backbend with ease. Is this what it is like for most of you out there? Who knew? I did some drop-backs as well, since I felt strong, and it was comforting to know I haven't lost any of my postures.

I have to admit that I believe that once I get back to the shala, I will be able to bind in Supta K. But what if it's not true? Will I be devestated? Will I feel that it was all for naught? I need to deal with my expectations before I get back to the shala. So make that reason number four that I am not back yet.


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