Wednesday, November 15, 2006

From tiny to MONSTER!!!

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

The latest email scam begins with the following subject line: "Trying to reconnect". Ooooh! I wonder who might be trying to reconnect with me, you think. I guess I should open this! And you do, excitedly...because who doesn't like to connect and reconnect with old friends.

You open up the email, and it says, tentatively, you can almost hear the hushed tone: "Is it you?"

Hmmm...inquiring minds begin to get suspicious. How would I know if it were me if he/she is not saying who he/she is? The denying big-hearted softy (no pun intended, seriously) in me wants very much to override such cynical notions and write back with a voracious, "I don't know...Who are you, and how do we know each other?" The sly detective in me won't let that happen, and instead, places hand firmly on mouse and hovers over the name of the sender, "Chassidy".

The hovering mouse produces the actual email address:

It most definitely is NOT me. And I am not a guy, so I would appreciate it if the penis-enlarging people out there would stop spamming me with their product plugs (although a part of me secretly, or not so secretly anymore, smirks that finally, the media and Madison Avenue (or some really sleazy version thereof) are conspiring to make men even more paranoid about something about their bodies, just like women have been for decades if not forever).

Funny thing though, even as I knew that the whole point of the ad was to make me write back, I still kind of wanted to write back, even just to say, "Don't email me again, despicable spammer scum."

I restrained myself and wrote here instead.



Tiffersll said...

Hahaha something about that made me laugh

You mean, you don't want to enhance your penis size?

Uggima said...

wow what a lame comment... anyway
yeah just had that spam, just thought it was another person looking for insted of .com

anyway yes FU spammer scum :)

btw the reply address is spoofed... doesn't exist not even the domain name :S

Mai Morris said...

I got the same email, from the same Chassidy, the same but I actually sent in a response. Only Uggima is right, the address is spoofed. Which is why it bothered me enough to google the address, where I found this blog. Now I don't feel so weirded out by the email. ;o)

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