Thursday, November 02, 2006

Is it just me?

Or have I become exceptionally one-note?

I got so bored with what I was writing about the wigs that I couldn't even look at my computer. I got so bored with talking about my plastic surgery, that, well, I couldn't even look at my computer. I can't even think of a decent second half to the latter sentence.

And Lost! Lost is so boring. SO boring. What is there to say that I didn't say, in essence, in my post about the episode two weeks ago? Episodes involving hallucinogenic trips through the jungle are boring. Flashbacks that do not enhance our understanding of a character are boring. To wit, the flashbacks last night regarding Eko. Eko was a drug-dealing warlord whose brother died for his sins. Yeah, we know. So, why go back and show us what an incredibly BADASS drug-dealing warlord he was? Why show us the smoke monster at this point when we have REAL life problems to deal with. Okay, fine, so the smoke monster killed Eko, and before Eko died, he whispered to John Locke that he and his crew of jungle-walking-trail-following Losties were next. I guess that kind of makes it a real life problem. But frankly, I don't care if Locke gts whomped to death by what looks like a giant tree root/dinosaur tail made of smoke. And I really really don't care what happens to Sayid or this new Nikki person who suddenly appeared out of nowhere, claiming to have been harboring annoyance at not having been included in the island antics and politics heretofore. From here on in, Nikki shall be known by me as "Fake Kate".

As for the real Kate, I missed her last night, and Sawyer too. There are now officially WAY too many characters on Lost, and nowhere near enough airtime to get to them all. If it were my show, I would just STOP adding new characters and stop developing storylines for characters other than Kate, Sawyer, Jack, Ben and Juliette for now, at least until their story arc runs out of steam. To me, all this storytelling that harks back to the supernatural (smoke monsters! sheesh!), as much as it sucked viewers in three years ago, when the show first aired, is just totally unnecessary. And all this backstorying for characters who aren't central to the current central storyline (which involves Kate, Jack and Sawyer and their being held captive by Ben and Juliette and various other Others), is just annoying and distracting and wastes my time.

I am TIRED of the mysteries surrounding the Others, and I would like some answers. For that matter, I would like someone to even ASK the questions. Like, couldn't Jack ask Ben the OBVIOUS question: If you're ill, and you have access to the chartered world out there, why not take a boat trip to some metropolitan city and get your life-saving surgery already? Why wait for a neurosurgeon to drop out of the sky, Ben? Why Ben, why?

A little mystery is fine. But if no one acknowledges the mystery amongst the characters, then it's no fun at all. Life is full of mysteries and questions that never get answered. I can live with that in fiction (to wit - the Series of Unfortunate Events answers, none, not even in the final book, called, appropriately, The End). But it's no fun at all if I am the only one scratching my head and saying, this makes no sense. If the characters are just taking the mystery for granted, then I feel all alone in this.

Other questions: Wasn't Desmond busy discovering electricity like a 21st Century Ben Franklin at the end of last week? What happened to that? And what happened to Desmond's psychic weirdness? We're just going to gloss that over? Just another fun loose end that will never get tied up? And what do Sawyer and Kate have to do with Jack's being coerced into doing Ben's tumor debulking? And why do the Others sometimes run around barefoot in burlap sacks? And when do they have time to read up for their book clubs? What do Sawyer's excellent conning skills have to do with anything at this point? What does Kate's criminal past? Why is the Dharma Initiative still even remotely important to moving the stories forward? Are we going to have to waste another precious break between commercials next week watching the Lostaways bury Eko?

Questions that I really actually care about are far more circumspect:

Why didn't Jack ask Juliette about their weird "white" shirts for Colleen's funeral? Why doesn't Jack ask Colleen where all the fresh meat is coming from? Oh dear, I didn't mean to imply that the meat came from Colleen...but jeez, any Deconstructionist worth her salt would see the connection in my juxtapositioning of sentences right there.

Soylent Green anyone?


P.S. I walked five miles yesterday, and I hated it. And it made me fall asleep really early. I might go to Bikram tomorrow. As long as I don't do any "crazy yoga poses", my doctor seems to be okay with me doing whatever.

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