Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Thom Birch

So tragic...I can't believe it.


Update: More info can be found here. I just want to add that Thom Birch touched a lot of lives here in NYC. Many a NYC long-distance runner first discovered yoga through his classes (with BBB) at the New York Road Runner's Club (not me, unfortunately, having come to yoga only after hanging up the marathon shoes). I extend my condolences to Beryl Bender Birch and to all of those who in losing Thom lost their teacher (not to mention their mentor, their inspiration, their friend, etc...)


Anonymous said...

How very sad, do you know what happened?

boodiba said...

Wow! He was in excellent shape too. Sometimes this can happen to thin people who work out because they don't expect to have any heart problems and don't get checked out.

I remember wondering what'd happened to Dana Carvey, the beloved "Garth" of Waynes World. He had heart surgery, recovered for a full year, went back to running and felt the same pain. Later discovered that they'd operated on the wrong valve. Can you imagine? They saw your sternum open to operate on your heart. He had to go through that entire recovery process twice.

Power Yoga was my introduction to Astanga.

It's too bad. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

Thom died of a massive heart attack. He was 52. Thom and Beryl were my first teachers. Although Thom stopped teaching a few years ago, his teachings are still with me so often in my practice. He will be greatly missed.

Rei said...

I am in the process of reading Power Yoga by Beryl Birch and just saw on her website the tragic news of Thom's recent passing. So sad! I didn't know what had happened to him, went in search and found the answer at your blog! Thanks!


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