Thursday, November 09, 2006

I went to Bikram yesterday

and debated whether to admit it here.

Obviously, I am admitting it. It was hot, and it was not strenuous on my upper body. I got to stretch my legs, my spine, my front body, my shoulders, and I never had to do a pushup or balance on my hands. I liked it. I needed it desperately. The sweat was amazing. It utterly transformed me.

Afterwards I drank 66 ounces of SmartWater. I felt as if I were a car, and I had my oil changed. It was exquisite.

I woke up today and wanted to go again. I LOVE that feeling. But I resisted, for all the right reasons...I need to allow my body time to recouperate. I will go tomorrow instead.

Lost rocked last night! Rocked!!!! And as usual, I fell asleep during The Nine. Why is that show so boring when it should be so compelling?



Patti said...

Lost totally rocked and I felt almost a physical pain when I realized they were off until Feb! That is so not cool...

Amy said...

Did you go to the new one? Is it open yet.

I love the bikram feeling too. As a detox. But I wish it was done in silence. Oh--and with different poses:)

One good teacher is John Salvatore. Just a sweetheart. i know he was touring for hairspray I don't know if he is back yet.


Anonymous said...

Why didn't you just go to the shala and practice ashtanga?

yoga chickie said...

I can't do chatturanga or down dog yet (I mean, I probably COULD, but I am totally forbidden to do so. It's the flexing of my muscles that is the problem, not really the stretching of them, at this point). Two more weeks!!!

As for Lost...wahhhhh.

And yes, Johnny S. ROCKS.


boodiba said...

I'm way out of the loop on the TV comments. Maybe someday I should think about getting one.

Bikram - I think of it as good restorative, but that breathing exercise with the hands under the chin? TOTALLY annoys the shit out of me. And the unneccessary lying on your back between poses too. Ya... I guess the whole sequence really.

There's a studio right next to the 13th St Crunch though. If I had overuse injuries or soreness in the upper body, sometimes I'd do cardio at Crunch and then go to Bikram. Or OM. Back before I swore an oath never again to give them a nickel of mine.

Workin' out all over town. Fun!

Bet you'll be glad to get back to your practice. Hey I'll still be there if you're back in 2 weeks! I show up around 8:15, cause I can't get to work TOO late.

Lisa said...

Did you ever get to meet David Williams? Is he still in town?

Shala Mate Lisa

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