Sunday, September 10, 2006

If I could do this...

...then why can't I bind both hands and feet simultaenously in Supta K?

Notwithstanding my continued inability to do so, I had an exquisite practice today. I think the antiobiotics made a difference. Did I mention that I got some kind of infection from a bug/tick sometime during my travels this past month? It may be Lyme, but I haven't gotten the test back yet. I didn't realize I had been feeling under the weather until I stopped feeling under the weather (thanks to my Z-Pack, which my doctor gave me upon my stopping in out of my not-quite-hysterical concern over three lymph nodes behind my ear, which had suddenly become painful and inflamed overnight after we left Lake Placid on Sunday).

There is no question that I am making progress in Supta K, even as getting fully into it is still quite a ways off. In the meantime, I my stamina has improved greatly. Compared to what I was doing at home for the past five or six weeks, practicing up to Supta K, without any add-ons in the middle or long, lunge-filled warm-ups, seems quite easy. I kind of long for more. I don't want to lose the fitness I have gained. Still, in exactly one month, I am going in for surgery, and will have to take six weeks off after that. So, it's kind of like: lose the fitness, don't lose the fitness, in a month it won't matter anyway.

After practice, had brunch at MUD with "anonymous shala mate", who will definitely be gettin garbha pindasana soon. I don't even understand why she doesn't have it now. She has pulled way ahead in terms of Supta K - binding reliably with Sir's help.

I know I shouldn't say this, but I can't resist - today, we had a celebrity practicing in our midst, and I have to say, it always gives me a bit of a thrill to be practicing yoga in the same room as someone I see regularly on the screen (not going to say whether I am talking about the small or the big screen, although a few of you will know anyway). What's funny about my brushes with celebrity - I can honestly say that they are exclusively tied to yoga, whether teaching or practicing. I never run into anyone on the street, at restaurants or shopping (except one time, when I ran into Roseanne Barr-Arnold-Whatever-It-Is-Now outside of Barneys and one other time when I met Jason Giambi on line at Starbucks, not that I would have recognized him but for the fact that the guy taking my money pointed him out). But put me in a room where there's yoga going on, and then maybe I'll get to meet Yoanna House, Charlie Sheen, George Stephanapolous, Mary McFadden, Idina Menzel, Robin Givens, Parker Posey, or the one from today....Most people wouldn't care. But for me, reader of Life & Style, Us, People and the dreaded and dreadful Star, well, it's kind of a thrill.



Anonymous said...

when Guruji was in NY last spring i practiced next to Mike D. THAT was good fun. on a different note, i have found that binding in parsvokonasana and parivritta parsvokonasana (NOT very ashtanga)has helped my chest and shoulders open up enough to bind reliably in supta kurmasana. give it a whirl!

yoga chickie said...

Actually - those binds were what I was referring to when I was talking about my at-home practice add-ons!

Anonymous said...

cool! sorry, i'm slow! well, hopefully it works for you too!

yoga chickie said...

Actually, it was Sir who told me about the binding in parsva trick. Not that he would want me to do it in the shala. But as R&D on my own time.

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