Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Best Practice Ever!

That was yesterday. I forgot to mention it. It's like when you're dating, and things are going really well, you suddenly have nothing to talk about.

Having taken the latest Mysore session yesterday (10 a.m.), I was the ONLY student in class besides Madame, and she doesn't really count, given that she is the co-director. Sir let me do my thing for all of Standing and the first third of Primary, and he kind of did his thing, walking into and out of the room, taking care of business, I assume (he is leaving for India in less than two weeks). But once I got to Marichyasana A, I got assists on every posture except for Bujapidasana and Navasana.

It was a wrist-grabbing extravaganza!

I had an epiphany in Mari B: this is the pose that correlates to Supta K, at least for me. If I can make enough space to bind at the wrist AND get my head to the floor, then that means that my shoulders are flexible enough, my hips are open enough and my forward bend is deep enough to allow for Supta K to really happen. REALLY happen, as in, no hand towel.

Of course, my head is not touching the floor yet in Mari B.

This vexes me.

I did have my best hand bind in Supta K ever, nevertheless. For the firs time, I didn't snap out of it when Sir let go of my hands. I did snap out of it as soon as he tried to cross my ankles. Damn. This vexes me too.

But all in due time. I am sure of it. 95 and 1/4 percent sure of it, that is. The other four and 3/4 percent is literally OVERFLOWING with doubt.

Off to practice I go....


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