Friday, September 29, 2006

Lotused my legs in headstand!!!

For no apparent reason. I just had this impulse to do it, and I did it. And big deal. I walked out of the practice room, and I said to David K, the director of Yoga Sutra who is nearing the end of Third Series, "So, I guess I can practice Third Series with you now." Hahaha. This was because one time, we practiced together, and he kept making me try some of the "tripod headstand into this tripod headstand into that" stuff, including upward facing rooster, I think?, and a bunch of other crazy stuff that I can do from the ground, but not from tripod headstand.

Smoke and mirrors, smoke and mirrors...

Practice today was bleh.

Nothing more nothing less.

At least I did it. Got there too late to practice with anyone except myself. I was at Yoga Sutra, if you haven't guessed - the plan was to meet Sharon, practice, grab a bite and coffee and then teach my class. As it was, all I got to do was chat, no chew, no caffeine, and then teach.

Off to Colorado. The Devil Car awaits (dial 666-6666!!!)

I will try to get some good photos of Ana and Baron and Judith Lassater. No Ashtangis will be teaching other than Richard Freeman, who is teaching today, and here I am, not there, so there will be no Ashtanga for me. Why oh why am I doing this? To hang with Debpc, of course!



Anonymous said...

if you get doen to boulder don't forget to hit moe's bagels. they'll remind you of home.

have a fun trip - try to get a shot of baron's head sans doo-rag!


Yogamum said...

It's beautiful up there this time of year -- enjoy our fair state! Let me know if you get into any trouble (say, for doing illegal asanas) and I'll come bail you out ;-)

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