Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pod Util

If you're like me, and you stupidly rely upon your iPod as "backup" for all of the music, videos, podcasts and whatever else that you store in iTunes on your computer, then chances are, at some point you're going to need PodUtil. Unfortunately named (my eyes keep stopping on the UTI in the middle), but pretty damn good, this little download is. Whereas Apple doesn't want anything to do with these sort of problems and, in fact, designed their iPods so that they are one-way streets (i.e., incoming only), PodUtil can make it all better. You download it for free, and a little alien gremlin appears on your screen and tells you to connect your iPod. You obey, and the said gremlin scans your iPod and turns that one-way street into a virtual freeway. All of your music reappears in iTunes.

And it only takes, I don't know, like...all friggin day?

Hence, no practice for me today. But that's fine. Friday is a moon day, and I can make up for the obsessiveness/slothfulness then.



ahu said...

thanks for the tip!

CJ said...

Ipod is a nice looking product, Apple always were great at design. Thing is that they suck at software. iTunes is the worst thing ever and the ipod software?...urg...

David said...

Great little blog you got here, and interesting too!

Never tried Yoga myself (or indeed crossed my ankles, or touched my fingers, truth be told, I'm actually very inflexible!)

I'll have a read of it every couple of days to see what's up, cheers again!

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