Monday, September 04, 2006

17 days, 19 hours, 10 minutes and 37 seconds...

not that anyone is counting...of virtual disconnection from the blogosphere, and I am feeling terribly out of sorts.

Note: none of this is by choice:

Vis a vis the Blog Zone, I have absolutely no idea what anyone is doing, who anyone is doing, what poses anyone is working on, angling for or struggling through. I am still unbound in Supta K, although the rest of my practice is humming along. But this isn't about me. Really. It's about all the emails I have been unable to answer and all of the blog comments I have been unable to publish and all of the blog entries I have been unable to read. I miss everyone. I hope someone, anyone, out there misses me, even if just a little. I hate to think I've been forgotten...

What happened was...

First there was Fire Island's lack of connectivity. It wasn't so bad to be disconnected for a week or so. But then things started to get weird with my battery. It wouldn't charge unless I held my power cord a certain way, which made typing kind of uncomfortable. And then it wouldn't charge at all. Apparently, not only is my power cord broken, but so is the little thingy into which it plugs on my laptop. I got the bad news today while my laptop was on the "operating table" at Best Buy. They tried to hook the poor thing up, they tried to shock her back to life. But it was futile. I was informed that she must be checked into the laptop hospital for a lengthy course of treatment, which will keep her sidelined for three to four weeks. Thus, I had better get used to using this 1997 Dell PC...slow, inconveniently located in my kids' playroom, and with a keyboard that rivals the French one in Mont Tremblant in terms of suckiness.

I try to see the bright side...

While disconnected in Canada, I probably got more sleep than I usually would have, had I been staying up late to upload photos and download my experiences. Getting more sleep meant more energy for all of the athletic endeavors we had planned...since I last blogged, I went rock climbing up a cliff face in Mont Tremblant and did another hike with the whole family, this one a 6.5 kilometer trek around and down the North face of the mountain. Rock climbing was good. Adam and I were naturals. The Husband and Brian, not so much. Notwithstanding enjoying myself and feeling really at ease going up and down the rock face, I really have no desire to rock climb again any time soon, and I certainly have no desire to actually do the setting up of the lines - I mean, it's one thing to be all Spiderman and scale a wall, knowing that an expert has set up your line and is pulling the rope taut with each step you make; it's another to throw the ropes up yourself, set the spikes in the rocks and pray that the whole thing doesn't come tumbling down with you attached. I have to hand to to anyone who has the guts.

While I wait the three or four weeks for my laptop to return, it will be hard to read the blogs I like to read because this PC loads so slowly. Perhaps that means that I will read what I want to read more efficiently. Perhaps I will spend less time sitting on my sofa, clicking around, googling things that I don't care all that much about. I certainly won't be able to blog about every thought that crosses my mind. And I won't have the luxury of surfing through my site meters, seeing what countries you all are from and through what search words you happened upon my blog. I will feel withdrawal symptoms...the out of sorts feeling I have been having since leaving Mont Tremblant and making our way to Lake Placid, where all I could think about was getting the hell out of there and coming home finally.

About that:

It was fun to see the Russian Olympic Freestyle Ski Jumping team practicing their jumps over a swimming pool. Sure, it was nice to see Lake Champlain from the New York side, having seen it from the Vermont side a week earlier. Sure, it was great to have some American coffee again. But it was cold has hell there in the Adirondacks. And the hotel was a craphole. And I get cranky about stuff like that. It felt as if my vacation was exactly one day and one night too long. In short, it's good to be home.

But I did think, driving back to New York City, that a new power cord would be the answer to my laptop woes and that by now I would be happily blogging and reading blogs and answering emails and googling everything that I want to know about everything (like, for example, last night, I caught the end of the movie, Auto Focus, and now I want to know everything there is to know about the life and murder of that Hogan's Heroes guy, whose name escapes me at the moment).

I do sound kind of whiny. I hope to feel less cranky tomorrow. I hope to be back at the shala tomorrow too. I wonder what that will be like after being gone for so long (four weeks? six weeks? who knows anymore...). I hope to be writing on a regular basis so that my mind is not so muddled and so that writing feels more natural. I hope to be able to catch up on what all my favorite bloggers are up to. I hope to adapt smoothly to the way things are going to be without my laptop for the next several weeks...


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Wayne said...

Silly Chickie, of *course* you were missed! Glad you're back.

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