Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sprinting at Shala X

I made it to Shala X this morning, having run out of excuses. My practice was a sprint. I was drenched and exhausted by the time I was done. My friend S came with. More on all of this later. I am just happy to have practiced since I am now off of Advil until after my surgery. Life without Advil is more than just a little bit stiffer...



Anonymous said...

My sister sees Sawyer all the time at Safeway, he live near her. She says he is very friendly. We didn't go to Safeway so we didn't run into him, went to the healthfood store next to Safeway to get my komboucha.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what they say, Advil rules!
You'll be able to ride that orangy brown horse again soon..

yoga chickie said...

Oh boy...that's a lot of days in a row of practice...

As for Advil, I have a funny story involving pain-killers and David Williams (THE original Western Ashtangi, pretty much), as long as I have authorization to repeat it. I may not be authorized. Heh heh. Geddid? But seriously, I have to get permission to repeat's very funny but it's not truly mine to tell...


Anonymous said...

Okay, so you don't have permission to tell the story (stories), because I'm not even sure if it was advil or Excedrin or Tylenol...the point was he (DW) was, trying to be all "pure" and "natural" and kinda on his high horse about not putting any unpure substances in his body, regardless of how much his shoulder was crying out for some relief. When he mentioned this to a doctor friend of his (i think it was doctor...see, this is why I don't really want the story as apposed to the essence relayed, I'm not sure of how accurate the specifics are when I retell them to you). Anyway, instead of receiving praise on his holistic life/practice approach, his friend/doctor/whatever says, "well that's just dumb!" The moral being, if you can fix something that hurts, why wouldn't you do it? Duh. It's okay to get a little help to avoid making the rest of your body work extra hard to compensate. Again, duh. Sometimes we lose site of why we struggle. Life is hard enough with variables we cannot control. Nothing is wrong with controling the ones we can.

Missed you at practice. My jump through continues to be MIA. %^&U*I(!!!

-Friend called "S"

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