Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Practice, and all IS coming

This may not seem like such a big deal to those amongs us who are working on keeping their legs in lotus as they drop from forearm balance into a tuck or those who are working on keeping their ankles solidly crossed behind their heads as they lift up from the floor in Dwi Pada. It won't even seem like much to people like me who are still working to get Supta Kurmasana to be a posture that you can get yourself into, as opposed to a moment in time where you lie there helplessly while some unseen person twists your floppy limbs into a pretzel.
But it IS a big deal to me. Back in 2005, when I started this blog, I thought that Marichyasana C was something only the most freakishly bendy people could do. I had no real idea of how I would ever get into it, myself. Even with help, my limbs wanted to snap apart like rubber bands. Now I am binding solidly, on good days at the wrists, even without an exorcism-like assist.
If you practice, things change. Generally speaking, you get a little bit better at things over time. Even more generally speaking, if you keep practicing, you certainly won't get worse at things (injuries aside). I can't think of many activities that present such a simple and endearing allure. Skiing, perhaps. It's been my experience, that every year brings improvements, although others who have been skiing since childhood claim that there is a peak and then a distinct downhill. I'll let you know. Running, definitely not. You just get slower over time. It's a given.
I'm in a loving the yoga moment, if you couldn't tell. And even though I don't have the picture to prove it, today, in my home practice (kids are on vacation..mama is stuck at home), I TOUCHED MY OWN FINGERS TOGETHER IN SUPTA KURMASANA. I was using a dog toy to help me get leverage - it was rope in the shape of a small ring. I easily grabbed opposite sides of the ring behind my back and then I extended my index fingers, and they touched! Yippee!!! Someday, I will, I will, I will be able to do Supta Kurmasana on my own. Not to jinx myself. But I really think that I will. And someday, I will also be able to get around my Garba Pindasana circle with less than 15 rolls.
I'm teaching my first Beginner's class tomorrow night and a bit nervous. It's probably the LEAST teaching I have ever had to do - just Ujaii and Surya Namaskar. No alignment. Just flow. It's a brilliant idea, really, to introduce Ashtanga to beginners by teaching them simply to link breath to movement. But I feel nervous because it's a prescribed thing I am teaching, as opposed to something free and open and improvisational like I normally teach.
If anyone wants to come, it's by donation at Ashtanga Yoga Shala at 7:15 tomorrow night. No hecklers please!
Oh, and monkey mind just remembered that the house MAY be under contract as soon as...TOMORROW. Finger crossed!!!!!!!!! All of you NYC Ashtangis who don't like having me in your practice space...Janice...?.........well you won't have to be dealing with me and my roving, nosy eyes much longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


karen said...

Congrats on finding your fingers.
Not sure if this will be helpful or not, but once you know where your fingers are in Supta K (and isn't it amazing to "find" them back there?) ;-) I found that when trying to "make the grab," it's helpful to roll side to side a bit -- seems to push the legs toward each other and make the bind possible. Wish I could explain better, but I'm not quite sure how it works!

Elaina said...

Just in case you don't see my response to your post on my blog, here it is on yours :

"Thanks YC! The advice is not too late, because I think I'll need all the help I can get on this one for a long long time! :) Since this post, I have managed to bind the tips of my fingers on my own, without the ankles crossed....maybe I should try the ankles first for a while....Anyway, thanks again for the help sweetie!"

Also, congrats on Mari C. Isn't it funny and wonderful how every body is different and we all have our own challenges, and we all have those "harder" poses that click faster for us than for others. Keeps us humble and motivated at the same time.

Good luck with the house!

adrian said...

i love to read your blog! I just found it a few days ago and I have been reading and reading. It's so neat to read about the poses because I am just learning. I haven't learned the one you are talking about, but it looks cool! thnx!

Julie said...

Your boobs look fantastic. He really is a miracle doctor!

"YC" said...

Thanks Julie!!! I know!!!! He rocks the house that Dr. S!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ursula said...

Very beautiful.

Vanessa said...

For what is worth, I would never think Mari C is "not a big deal", no matter what I am doing now. I suffered through weeks of having Sharath himself pulling my arm as if it wasn't attached to my body before I finally bound, so I won't be the one to not understand what it is like!

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