Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I'm totally fine...

Due to a number of emails expressing concern/worry over Yoga Chickie's sudden Registered Users Only message, I am popping up for a brief stint before going "Registered Users Only" once again....

I am totally fine. I am just desiring an end to the drama that the public blogging has become for me. And by drama, I mean: Me, writing something that is misunderstood by people who don't know me. Said people who don't know me writing things about me on their blogs. Me, reading blogs I would not normally read to see if anything is being said about me. It's a time suck. And time sucks suck. And in particular, this particular time suck sucks particularly in a particularly sucky way.

I also just don't have all that much to say at the moment about yoga, which is probably a good sign vis a vis my practice. Had a long talk with Sir about this, among other things. When I keep a public blog, I find myself perusing blogs I might not otherwise read. And when I read said blogs, I get caught up in the goal of attaining poses, at least some of the time. Let's just say, I expect to be stopped at Garba Pindasana for a loooooooooong time, and I embrace that. Nothing new is going to happen for me in Supta Kurmasana anytime soon, and even if it does, I can surely expect that the next day, the miracle will not repeat. my way of saying, it is SOOO not about the poses for me. The yoga, that is. I mean, well, that is not totally true. I am very into the poses and achievement vis a vis the poses. But my teacher doesn't give a rat's arse about whether I can do Supta Kurmasana at this point. My challenge is all above the neck. It's all about inner quiet. Or, as they liked to say in the 1960's, peace, man. And when I get a bit further in my practice, above-the-neck, I won't give a rat's arse about Supta K either. Of course, that will probably be when I move past it, physically.

The long and the short of it is that obsessing over poses, cataloguing my practice for the public to see, is not helping me at all. Writing for a smaller group - or for no one, which would be fine too - seems to be a way for me to break some of that obsessiveness.

If you are interested in reading my blog under these circumstances (i.e. PLENTY of satire, plenty of commentary on idiotic public figures and ridiculous current events, the occasional soap boxing about breast cancer, and finally, precious little - let's hope - about Supta Kurmasana), then send me an email, and I will put you on the list. Sock puppets and straw men addresses do not qualify. If you don't like me, well, here's your chance to never ever have to read me again! Yay!!

And if you do want to see more of Yoga Chickie, then shoot me an email - all you have to say is "Yoga Chickie" or even just "blog" on the subject line, and I think I will be able to figure out what it is you want...

Cheers, namaste and thanks a lot,


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