Monday, April 23, 2007

Asana practice does not equal "Yoga"

I know I am stating the obvious.

But I think it is worth highlighting.

Most of us "do yoga" as a workout. Most of us spend most of our yoga time practicing asana, and then the remainder of the time thinking about how others are not practicing yoga - how others fail in their efforts to be "yogic". I hear a lot of that, how this one isn't yogic, how that one isn't yogic, how totally not yogic I am. Well, how about being accountable ourselves for our own behavior?

I am sorry if my satire offends. Call it unyogic, if you'd like. I am quite sure you would be right in saying so. Even if my intent was innocent, clearly the hurt it caused put me on notice that there was violence in it.

On the other hand, judging my behavior is not doing a blessed THING for anyone else's yoga practice, is it now?


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Patti said...

You go girl. Opinions are not judgements. Satire is for enjoyment, discussion and hopefully humor and the reading of such is entirely optional.

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